Blood Punch.

The New Zealand Horror movie Blood Punch is impressively good. We got to talk to the Star Milo Cawthorne all about it.

‘Blood Punch’ is a surprisingly engrossing movie. The story goes as follows. Milton, portrayed excellently by New Zealand actor Milo Cawthorne, is a young man who breaks out of rehab to follow a mysterious girl. This mystery girl, Skyler (Olivia Tennet), has a secret – a secret that unravels slowly through the course of the film. With the help of Skyler’s boyfriend Russell (Ari Boyland), the threesome embark on a gruesome repetitious supernatural adventure that will have you scratching you head in bewilderment.

milo olivia
Blood Punch. Source: Bluff Road Productions.

Written by Eddie Guzelian and directed by Madellaine Paxson, this is their first movie pitched at an adult audience.

What occurs over the 90 minutes is a mixture of Saw meets Breaking Bad meets Groundhog Day. This one keeps you guessing right up until the final few scenes. And a little beyond.

I had no expectations of this movie. A film made in 2012, unable to find a distributor for 4 years, is a concern. But it really is great. And if you get a chance to watch or download it, please do. You won’t be disappointed.

You can stream Blood Punch on Quik Flix or Fetch TV. And if you can, go along to the theatrical screening in Sydney on Sunday July 3rd at 2pm at Frankies By The Slice, 50 Hunter Street, Sydney.

I sat down with charismatic actor Milo Cawthorne and we discussed his career, his future and what it was like to work with this ‘then’ wife Olivia Tennet.

Blood Punch protagonist Milo Cawthorne and Digital Fox’s Rob Harris.

Digital Fox – Hi Milo. Thanks for meeting with me. How did it all begin?

Milo – I was a show off kid; my brother and I used to mess around. A lady at school suggested I try drama and the teacher said I was really good. That was when I was 11. By age 13 I had an agent.

DF – And you met Olivia (future wife) shortly after that.

Milo – We worked together on Power Rangers and a few other shows in New Zealand

DF – And you ended up getting married.

Milo – Yes but we split up 3 months ago.

DF – Ah. Sorry to hear that. So, where did the idea for Blood Punch come from?

Milo – Eddie (Guzelain – writer) told me he had a few drinks one night. He wrote himself a note and left it for himself for the morning. But when he put the note down he saw another note that he had left for himself the night before that. He could not remember doing it.

DF – Sounds a bit like the movie Memento with Guy Pierce.

Milo – (Laughs) Yes it does.

DF – What are you working on next.

Milo – I have a few projects in pre and post production. Megatime Squad is the next movie to hit the New Zealand festival circuit.

DF – Milo, good luck with it all.

Milo – Thank you!

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