Was Ed Sheeran set up to fail?

Call me a sceptic, but I struggle to believe that the genius producers of Game of Thrones didn’t think this level of backlash was going to happen to Ed Sheeran.

They’ve dealt with Game of Thrones fans for long enough now. Surely David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss can spot an issue like this during the editing stage? Then rework, re-edit, or do whatever is needed to avoid this kind of publicity.

Why they didn’t bothers me. I’m going to go ahead and call it for what I think it is – an impromptu PR stunt to drive conversation online through Ed Sheeran’s failing.

Wow, I hate my own level of skepticism there. But unless they didn’t watch Ed Sheeran’s scenes after filming them (of course they did), how can they let them go ahead if not to benefit from the digital chatter.

Ed Sheeran sacrificed
Was Ed Sheeran sacrificed for social media engagements? Source: HBO

From a publicity point of view, if they did choose to leave the edits untouched at the expense of poor Ed, it was a good call.

When combined with Foxtel’s failure to deal with the amount of people wanting to watch the show through their platform, and Ed Sheeran’s painful performance┬áthere were impressively almost 1,000,000 online mentions during the show time. This is according to Brandwatch.

Whilst a sacrifice in Game of Thrones style might seem apt, this was a little on the harsh side. Poor Ed. What do you think?

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