Review of FM19

In short, yes.

Football Manager will always sell. It has its hardcore fans, and religious players so as long as it does no worse than last year, it will be played consistently on it’s year of release. It’s like the tactical, data driven equivalent of FIFA – it’s always going to do well.

At Digital Fox, we received the beta review code expecting a few bugs, a few issues but hopefully some great developments. We got very few of the former, and a lot of the latter. Good news. It’s almost a finished, polished version of the game, even at this stage before the mass of updates due to come.

In short the only bugs appear to be issues with penalties becoming too frequent (plus players not being able to react to rebounds), audio issues where one second it’s ear-splittingly loud, and another where it’s deathly silent.

On the plus side, there’s some great developments. There’s more than ever going on behind the scenes, and more information for you to scour over as a manager. This also means that it’s harder than ever to truly know how your decisions will impact the game and your teams performance.

Football Manager historically can be a bit intimidating to new players, and it’s the same case here. There is a introductory layer at the start which helps compensate for this, but the depth in the game means that recruiting new, dedicated players is probably getting harder. Once the new player gets to grip with the breadth of the game, they are likely locked in for life and Football Manager 2019 is no different.

The training system can either be really, really simple, or really really complicated, which is great, because it adjusts to how much time you want to put into the game. Your assistant can take care of anything you don’t fancy.

Football Manager 2019 is generally a huge upgrade on 2018. This includes its aesthetics, it’s game engine, the licenses it has available, the depth of data. We’re looking forward to the released version.

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