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Sansa Stark has become a massively tedious character. Unless Game of Thrones Season 8 sees her becoming more brave and exciting, she should be killed off.

To refresh my memory before Season 8, I have recently been partaking in an extensive Game of Thrones marathon (it’s a great work out). One thing that’s made the experience less enjoyable however is Sansa Stark. It seems her entire character revolves around whining and crying. And after a few seasons of it, it all gets a little tedious – tedious enough for me to want Sansa killed off.

What makes Sansa a bad character?

sansa stark arya stark
In Arya’s shadows? Source: HBO.

Arya has had it a lot worse than Sansa, yet she doesn’t dwell in sadness. You see her traveling around the country side killing her enemies or learning to kill her enemies. Reciting their names every night before going to sleep.

I should be clear: This isn’t a criticism of how Sansa expresses her emotions. It’s a criticism of the show’s writing, putting an unexciting character at the forefront.

It’s fun to watch Arya, quite simply because she does cool stuff. She’s a person we’d like to see ourselves in.

Granted in Season Five, Sansa did show a little bit of spunk, when she loosed the dogs upon Ramsey Bolton, her psychopathic spouse. I have to admit, the irony of his own dogs attacking him was not lost on me, and I cheered throughout the scene, even yelling at the TV: “It’s about bloody time!”

But that’s exactly it: If Sansa did more inspiring acts, we’d enjoy watching her more.

Game of Thrones is filled with characters we love, and others we love to hate.

That’s exactly what makes Game Of Thrones so popular, why it has lasted eight years. It’s littered with vivid characters you either love or wish dead.

I was devastated when Ned Stark was beheaded, and was genuinely happy when King Joffrey was poisoned (I’m not crazy, I promise).

And there are just so many characters. Naturally, in order for us to love them or hate them, each character has to have fully developed, believable personalities. To have lasting power, the characters need to be allowed to grow from one episode to the next.

This series in particular makes it seem so effortless, as we watch with bated breath as our favorite characters deal with one crisis after another.

However, with Sansa Stark, I can’t help but wonder what the plan for her ultimately is. I mean, she surely can’t be miserable through the rest of the series, can she?

So where to from here?

Unfortunately, we have to wait until next year for season eight to find out. Rumours do suggest that she will indeed be killed off. I know part of me would hurt for her – the Game of Thrones creators are wonderfully good at building our bonds with characters, good or bad. Yet unless Sansa grows more into herself, I see little reason for her to stick around.

Verona Jones currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, where she is happily honing her writing skills. She is also attending Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) earning her Master's in Creative Writing.