Crypts of Winterfell
Jon and Daenerys visit Winterfell's crypts.

Throughout the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, it is claimed that the Crypts Of Winterfell are the safest place in the castle.

Winterfell’s most vulnerable citizens are being sent to the crypts for safety during the upcoming battle with the Night King. This group includes such beloved characters as Gilly, her son Little Sam, and of course, Tyrion Lannister.

Unfortunately, we have been given a few hints that the Crypts of Winterfell may not be as safe as our heroes hope.

The Chilling First Teaser

Game of Thrones teaser
The Starks prepare to face winter.

Fans of the show should remember the first teaser trailer for Game Of Thrones’ final season.

The teaser saw Jon Snow, Sansa, and Arya meet up in the crypts, in front of a trio of scarily familiar statues. A layer of ice begins to engulf the crypt, creeping closer and closer to the Starks before the teaser ends.

Some fans believe this teaser hints at each Stark’s final fate. However, it could also suggest that the Crypts of Winterfell are not the safest place to be.

A frightened Arya means very bad news.

Crypts Of Winterfell
Arya on the run.

The second trailer for Game Of Thrones season eight put fans further on edge.

The trailer begins with a terrified Arya Stark running from an unseen assailant. As fans know, there is very little that can frighten Arya Stark. So, anything that does must be especially bad.

From the looks of things, Arya may be in the crypts during this scene. The crypts, plus a terrified Arya, can not possibly mean anything good.

Why are the Crypts Of Winterfell unsafe?

Fans have come up with a rather solid theory as to why hiding in the crypts is a bad idea.

The most chilling of the Night King’s powers is the ability to raise the dead. The Crypts of Winterfell, where the North’s women, children, and elderly will be hiding, are full of dead people. Specifically, dead Starks.

An unexpected assault from the dearly departed Starks could definitely shake the usually fearless Arya.

Will Gilly, Little Sam, and the rest of Winterfell’s vulnerable meet with tragedy in the crypts?

We’ll have to watch the next episode of Game Of Thrones to find out.

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