A brand New Year means New Year’s resolutions.

There’s the usual stuff. Plans to travel. To lose weight. To pick up a new hobby, or restart an old one.

In the hustle and bustle of regular life resuming, some of these resolutions can be hard to keep. 

However, for the geekier among us, I have compiled a list of entertainment themed New Year’s resolutions you may want to try.

1. Watch ‘That’ Show.

New Year's resolutions
Some people are still yet to jump on the ‘Game Of Thrones’ Bandwagon.

You know, ‘That’ show. We all have one.

That show a friend keeps recommending to you. Singing it’s praises, saying how much you’ll love it.

You think you probably will, you just haven’t got around to it yet. With all the different ways we consume entertainment these days, everyone’s ‘To Watch’ lists are getting longer. 

The New Year might be just the time to knock ‘That’ show off the list.

2. Play an ‘old’ Video Game

New Year's resolutions
Many consider ‘Final Fantasy VI’ to be equal or better than later titles.

Video games are getting more advanced every day, with the introduction of virtual reality and other gadgets.

However, the popularity of products such as the NES and SNES Classic Mini’s show that there’s no shame in going retro from time to time.

Once you get past the old-school graphics, most gamers will find lots to offer in older games. Some have stories just as deep and engaging as anything released Today. Others, while short on story, are big on fun.

There’s good news for anyone wanting to take this resolution on. Most console’s online stores are packed with classic titles, so getting your hands on older games has never been easier.

3. Give a Reboot a chance

The cast of the ‘Charmed’ reboot.

Sometimes, it seems like a new remake or reboot is announced every other day. There are definitely times when reboots turn out badly.. But not all the time.

While the Charmed reboot struggled to find support when it was first announced, reviews have generally been positive. The series recently received a full season order.

So if there’s a reboot you’ve been avoiding, give it a chance this New Year.

If you like it, great, you might have found a new favourite. If not, you can always just re-watch the original.

4. Watch a film or series in a genre you aren’t usually used to.

New Year's resolutions
Spanish series ‘Money Heist’ proved a surprising hit for Netflix.

Everyone has a favourite genre, just like everyone has genres that they do not like so much. But if a viewer doesn’t step out of their comfort zone now and then, they

A New Year’s resolution is seen as a chance to try something new. So, ask around to see what your friends and family are watching. Pick out something you wouldn’t usually go for.

After all, a New Year is a chance for new beginnings.

Kristy is a young woman with a passion for Popculture. She loves to write about movies, TV, and cartoons.