Young Avengers movie
The Young Avengers. Credit: Marvel Comics

Some interesting casting decisions in Avengers 4 have some fans believing that a Young Avengers movie may be in the works.

Everyone loves the current crop of  Avengers. Sadly, we know they can’t keep fighting forever. We’re already expecting to lose at least Captain America after Avengers 4. Possibly others.

While characters such as Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Spider-Man are waiting to step into the departing heroes shoes this time, how will the MCU deal with this long term?

The success of Spider-Man’s inclusion in the MCU offers a solution. Marvel needs some more young heroes, with young actors willing to stay in the roles for a while.

A few casting announcements for Avengers 4 have lead some fans to believe that this is already happening. In fact, we may be seeing the set up for a Young Avengers movie.

The Return of Harley Keener

Young Avengers movie
Harley Keener in ‘Iron Man 3’. Credit: Disney

Harley Keener was first introduced in Iron Man 3, aiding Tony Stark after he finds him hiding in his garage.

At the end of the film, Harley is rewarded for his help when he discovers that Tony has outfitted his garage with new computers and robotics equipment. While leaving a young boy with such advanced equipment seems a major development, Harley has not been seen since then.

However, actor Ty Simpkins was signed for three films. Marvel clearly had larger plans for the character. Those plans seem to be coming to fruition, with Harley confirmed to appear in Avengers 4.

Young Avengers movie
Iron Lad. Credit: Marvel Comics

Fans speculate that Harley will be adapted into a version of the young hero Iron Lad, founder of the Young Avengers.

Introducing Harley as Iron Lad is, admittedly, a rather drastic departure from the character’s comic book origin.

In the comics, Iron Lad is Nate Richards, a boy destined to grow into Avengers Big Bad Kang The Conqueror. Horrified by what he will become, he forms the Young Avengers as part of a desperate attempt to change his destiny.

If Harley is in fact the film’s version of Iron Lad, it’s not impossible for this story to be reworked for him. Then again, it is also possible the Young Avengers will form for a different reason entirely. The MCU has mastered remixing big comic story-lines for the screen.

Cassie Lang, Future Hero?

Young Avengers movie
Cassie Lang with her Father, Scott. Credit: Disney

A memorable scene in the latter part of Ant-Man & The Wasp has young Cassie Lang express a desire to become her Father’s sidekick. Aside from being adorable, this scene may subtly foreshadow Cassie’s future in the MCU.

Emma Fuhrman has been cast as a teenage Cassie for Avengers 4. While this may just be needed for the film’s strongly rumoured time travel plot, some believe it is a sign of bigger things.

Young Avengers

In the comics, Cassie begins her own experiments with Pym Particles as a teenager. She takes on the Superhero identity of Stature, becoming a founding member of the Young Avengers alongside Iron Lad.

So, that’s two Young Avengers down. Who else might we see?

Katharine Langford’s Mysterious Role

From Hannah to Hawkeye? Credit: Netflix

Recently, 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford was revealed to have scored an undisclosed role in Avengers 4.

Fans immediately began speculating as to what role Langford might be playing. Langford has made a name for herself with 13 Reasons Why and Love, Simon. To warrant such a big announcement, it has been assumed that her role is a significant one.

With two potential Young Avengers already on board, it didn’t take people long to come to a conclusion.

Kate Bishop as Hawkeye.

Most fans believe that Langford has been cast in the role of Kate Bishop.

In the comics, Kate is the third character to take up the mantle of Hawkeye, at Captain America’s suggestion. While not exactly a ‘Founding’ member, she joins the Young Avengers after helping them out of a tough spot.

Later, the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, takes Kate under his wing.

If Katherine Langford is playing Kate Bishop, and Harley Keener becomes Iron Lad, then at least half of the original Young Avengers team will appear in Avengers 4.

This can’t be a coincidence. Even if they don’t officially step into their heroic roles just yet, groundwork is clearly being laid out for the introduction of the Young Avengers.

We won’t’ know much for sure until Avengers 4 is released next year. However, we can probably expect the announcement of a Young Avengers movie sooner rather than later.

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