Is Deadpool 2 Better than the original?
Michelangelo would be proud. Source: Twentieth Century Fox

With the commercial and critical success of the first Deadpool, everyone’s been wondering how the sequel will hold up. So that’s why we’re going to be answering the question, ‘Is Deadpool 2 better than the original?’

Hey all! Deadpool 2 has just hit cinemas and I, your Friendly Neighbourhood Writer Man have come to save the day! And by save the day, I mean answer the question you’ve all been craving to know: is Deadpool 2 better than the original (spoiler free of course)?

Quick Deadpool 2 Review

Is Deadpool 2 Better than the original?
Deadpool rockin out the uniform. Source: Twentieth Century Fox.

It’s pretty safe to say that Deadpool 2 is an expansion of the world which the original Deadpool set up. But, like most superhero sequels, Deadpool 2 doesn’t always stick the ambitious ‘superhero landings’ they were going for. This is rampant throughout the film, whether you’re talking about characters, character development, or themes.

Having said all that, Deadpool 2 is a lot of fun! It’s exactly what you expect from the franchise. The action scenes are epic, both subtle and gross humour are expertly delivered, and the references to real life and comic book material are spot on!

But how does Deadpool 2 compare to the original? Well time for you to find out in my sweet and concise breakdown!

Is Deadpool 2 better than the original in character development?

Is Deadpool 2 Better than the original?
Why can’t someone come outside my window and do that? Source: Twentieth Century Fox

If we look at Deadpool, we saw Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) learning to go from a loner to a lover. Underneath the generic revenge plot, Deadpool was a film about learning to love, and learning to love yourself. And that character development that we saw in Wade was utterly believable. I bought it.

In Deadpool 2, we see some character development in Wade, but it’s not delivered as well as its prequel. That ultimately has to do with the fact that in Deadpool 2, Wade doesn’t develop as much as go in circles. He starts off one way, then regresses, then returns to the point he pretty much started off at in the beginning of the movie. So while you feel as if there was some kind of journey, it’s just not as ‘wholesome’.

Are the characters in Deadpool 2 better than the original?

Is Deadpool 2 Better than the original?
X-Force forever! Source: Twentieth Century Fox

In regards to characters, well, we get more of the same from the original in Deadpool 2. There’s nothing really new from our previous ensemble of Deadpool, Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), and my one true bae – Dopinder (Karan Soni).

But don’t get me wrong when I say “we get more of the same from the original”, that’s still a pretty tall order to fill. It was fantastic seeing all of our fan-faves return to the big screen. I loved the grounded but campy interactions between the cast, and all of their interactions seem grounded, but hysterical simultaneously. It was just… more of the same.

Looking at the new characters, I thought they were all very well written, and definitely added to the Deadpool landscape. Cable (Josh Brolin), was as threatening as a melancholic, revenge-driven time-traveller could be! But then you remember he also played Thanos in Infinity War, and can’t stop thinking of him as a giant purple thumb. Just kidding, love you Josh, please don’t snap your fingers!

Domino (Zazie Beetz) is also a very fun addition to the Deadpool team, and yes… she is most certainly cinematic. I also have to give a shout-out to Julian Dennison who played Russel! That kid is just as hysterical in The Hunt for the Wilderpeople as he is in Deadpool 2, and boy, he can nail the tragedy just as well as the comedy.

It was also a delight seeing some other supporting characters, like Vanisher, Zeitgeist, Bedlam, Shatterstar, and Peter. But to be honest, they did feel wasted. They didn’t have much screen-time, and I just wanted to see more of them! Especially Terry Crews. Elli loves Terry.

Otherwise, while the characters in themselves aren’t better from when we last saw them, Deadpool 2 does manage to bring in more top-notch players to make up for that.

Do the themes in Deadpool 2 compare to the original?

Is Deadpool 2 Better than the original?
So wholesome. Source: Twentieth Century Fox.

The short answer is no. Just a flat no. But who the hell is going to watch Deadpool 2 because they’re really keen for a societal interpretation/discussion on a topic? No, you watch Deadpool for three main reasons: Deadpool, an R-Rated Superhero movie, and a movie which doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Anywho, with the original Deadpool, there were motifs and themes which could be uncovered. They weren’t the main part of the film, but you could see the theme unravelling as the story progressed. Mainly that of Deadpool’s value for life (his own), discovering his own self-worth, and finding love in others.

With Deadpool 2, the themes were presented to you, which was mainly family, and then forced down your throat. It was nearly as bad as the Fast and Furious franchise. We get it, family, move on please. Having said that, Deadpool 2 didn’t take that all too seriously. After they made the giant show of what the theme of the movie was I mean, they had a lot of fun with the topic and just kind of addressed it on the side.

And I understand why that had to be done. If you’re trying to set up a franchise, especially a franchise as big as the X-Force, you have to explain how Deadpool could possibly want to be in a team. If Deadpool sees his team as his family, then he’ll have reason enough to stay on.

And I guess Deadpool 2 did succeed in getting that point. Not with as much finesse, but the job got done.

What about references?

Is Deadpool 2 Better than the original?
And for all the kids playing at home, this is a Bob Ross reference. Source: Twentieth Century Fox

Yes, yes, yes! The references in Deadpool 2 were utterly fantastic! I loved the surprise cameos (check out a list of the top five here)! The digs at Fox, production, and the success of the original Deadpool had me nearly in tears!

And then there are the fourth wall breaks, and every single reference to the X-Men, the DC universe, as well as the MCU to top things off. They all just really captured what Deadpool is all about, and if you’ve been following the news/stories related to every superhero movie around – you’ll have a great time.

And yes I’m perfectly aware that’s the same as saying: “You have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.” Deadpool 2 is good on its own, but it’s even better if you can pick up the jokes Deadpool himself is making to you the audience. Otherwise you’re going to kind of sit there and nudge your friend who knows whats up and get them to explain. Don’t be that person. Alternatively, read this article to get caught up on top 5 things to know before heading into Deadpool 2.

So, is Deadpool 2 better than the original? I don’t think so, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the hell out of this movie. The jokes are still great, the references are on point, and the action is very ‘cinematic’.

All in all, I’d have to give Deadpool 2 seven out of ten chimichangas (for reference, I give Deadpool, eight out of ten).

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