Family Blood
Colin Ford and Eloise Lushina in "Family Blood" (2018). Photo by Divide / Conquer and Blumhouse Productions

Is the new Netflix horror movie Family Blood any good?

On May The Fourth Be With You (amen), Netflix released a new horror film by Blumhouse Productions called Family Blood.

Is it worth a watch?

What is Family Blood about?

The Netflix synopsis reads: “A former addict moves to a new city with her children for a fresh start, but her struggle soon takes on an unexpected, supernatural dimension.”

Now for the objectively awesome Digital Fox synopsis.

The critical point of Family Blood is that addiction comes in many forms. We all know the usual addictions: drinking alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, chocolate.

In Family Blood, we learn protagonist Ellie got hooked on prescription pain pills. She kicked the habit and got her kids back.

To start fresh, they move to a new town, but she trades one addiction for another, against her will.

Blood, the new addiction…

Ellie meets Christopher at the local support group. He speaks about his addiction, but no one knows what it is.

After the meeting ends, Ellie takes a walk to the park and runs into Eddie, who gives her illegal drugs.

We then see Christopher killing Eddie. But that’s not all. Christopher walks to the swings to a passed-out Ellie and gives her his blood. He takes off with Eddie’s body. He returns to catch a semi-sober Ellie going to her car. He kills her, but his blood is running through her veins. She wakes up, heads home, heals, and kills. Her new addiction is blood.

So is Family Blood worth watching?

The synopsis of Family Blood is exciting, but the film itself is slow paced. With a good start, you immediately have high expectations. Unfortunately, you spend the next hour trying to keep your eyes open.

Family Blood lacks action, and everything is predictable. Well, not everything… Kyle, Ellie’s son, does a turnaround. At first, he hates living with his mother. He knows she will fall off the wagon and use again. He gets suspended at school and meets a girl. But when he finds out his mother is a vampire he wants to stay with her and help her.

The cinematography is excellent and so is the acting (for what they had to work with). It doesn’t come off as a B-movie.

They could have added more storylines and action scenes. Family Blood does not come across as a horror movie but as a drama. Only the start of the film has the ‘scare’ factor. The rest you can sleep through and wake up towards the end and still know what is going on. The narrative between the beginning and end is nothing but filler.


So, you’ve been warned, watch Family Blood at your own risk. It is not a terrible movie, but it is a horrible horror movie. This leaves it sitting very comfortably in a heap of mediocrity.

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