Fans of the beautiful and engaging Elder Scrolls titles will love Kingdom Come Deliverance. 

The Medieval RPG focuses on realism and an engaging storyline about a young man’s quest to avenge his parents’ death. Thrust into the middle of a war between two Kingdoms, it is up to you to learn the art of combat and turn the tides of war to your favour.

Within the first 15 minutes of Kingdom Come Deliverance I was selling the clothes off my back to pay for my gambling debts. Such is the unfortunate reality of life in the game combined with my addictive nature. My father had sent me on my way to buy some coal. As he seemed like a real hard-ass I wanted to avoid an ass-whooping and not come back empty handed.

After nearly losing a fist fight to an old man I scraped together some coin for coal but it wasn’t enough. So naturally I thought I could make up the rest by playing some dice. Unfortunately the game got the better of me and left me with nothing but lint and sand in my grubby pockets. So after selling everything I owned I earned enough schmeckles to buy the coal and I played through the rest of the prologue in bare feet and undies.

Turns out dice isn’t for everyone – Source Steam Screenshot

An engaging and driving story line (*Spoilers*)

If you have seen any screen-shots of the game or the trailers you probably would have seen various cut scenes from the story. The prologue gives you just enough to do whilst leaving you with some options, but I was surprised at the emotion I felt when my village came under attack and I lost everyone I love.

You really want to kill that big bald bastard and get your revenge. But it becomes evident that you have much to learn before taking on big bad. The second part of the storyline, mission titled “RUN”, had me nearly punching a hole in my monitor. I couldn’t seem to sneak past these soldiers and every time I tried to fight them I got absolutely destroyed. After like the 56th time of reloading the checkpoint I realised that the mission was “Run” so I did just that and got to the next cut scene!

While I have played for hours and hours I still have only put a small dent on the game; lots of side missions have set me on other paths. I also discovered that unlike other RPGs if you disappear for a couple of days you are probably gonna piss off someone. So while you need to eat and sleep to stay alive, which I think is actually a nice addition to the game, time will pass by.

Learning the ropes in the story mission – Source Steam Screenshot

Your actions have consequences, for reals.

After going to save the game for the 3rd time in the first minute I realised that there is a system to stop you from doing that. Savour Schnapps is required if you want to save the game other than at key points in the story, and it’s not cheap. You have to spend your hard earned coin on it at stores, and must pick the best times for saving. This certainly adds to the realism of the game and stops people like me saving before attempting to pickpocket someone down to their birthday suit.

While I love a good ol’ stealth play-style, so far in Kingdom Come Deliverance my attempts have been pretty unsuccessful. Probably because I am trying to slink around in broad daylight dressed in heavy chain and they hear me coming from a mile away. Any failed attempts lead to combat and as I cant save I have to rely on my newfound sword skills.

You could enjoy the game as a walking simulator – Source Steam Screenshot

A new standard for beautiful games

I still remember the beauty of my first play through of Skyrim and was in awe about how far graphics have come since playing my SNES when I was little. Kingdom Come Deliverance should be setting the new standard for a while. It looks like every minor patch of forest has been thought of and the colour of the sunsets is breathtaking. I had to pause at times to admire the sunlight shining through the trees as the sun was setting.

The character animations and faces are also very realistic. Everything has been thought of from freckles to moles. The wear and tear of equipment and armour also adds to the realism and immersive nature of the game.

It looks so beautiful, but didn’t stop me breaking in and burgling it. – Source Steam Screenshot

Some things I would like patched

While the look of the inventory is very traditional and medieval I think the thing needs a complete overhaul. Tabs are set up between weapons and armour etc. But everything is sort of just thrown in there in a big mess. Sub categories would be a nice addition and maybe a larger information display about weapons stats without bringing up a gigantic menu.

The same goes for quest tracking and notably skills. When you level a skill it’s sometimes hard to know what skills you have unlocked and you have to go through each one to discover what you can level.

Lastly, I would kill for a mini-map. Maybe this is gone to add for the realism but when I have to open my map every 20 seconds to see if I have ridden past the path they might as well give me one.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a gorgeous and addictive game. For those looking for a bit of a challenge or an engaging story look no further.

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