Darkwing Duck
Let's get dangerous!

Darkwing Duck is back!

Now available to stream on Disney Plus, the much-loved animated series Darkwing Duck has received a surge in popularity. The show has even been trending on Twitter in the days since the new streaming service launched.

In honor of Darkwing’s comeback, let’s take a look at the most memorable villains he faced.

1. Morgana Macawber

Darkwing Duck
Morgana in action.

If Darkwing Duck is loosely inspired by Batman, then Morgana Macawber was his Catwoman. A sorceress from Transylvania, Darkwing was smitten with her from their first meeting.

Technically a villain in her first two appearances, Morgana ultimately chooses to do the right thing. She helps Darkwing stop the true villain of each episode before things go too far. Later, she gives up crime entirely in favor of pursuing a relationship with Darkwing, and becomes one of only four characters to learn his secret identity as Drake Mallard.

2. Bushroot

Darkwing Dark
Bushroot and his pet, Spike

A highly renowned scientist, Reginald Bushroot was transformed into a half duck/half plant hybrid in an experiment gone wrong. Bushroot is known as one of the series most sympathetic villains. All he originally wanted was companionship, and usually commits his crimes for what he thinks are good reasons. Creator Tad Stone believes Bushroot would have eventually become a hero.

Despite his status as a sympathetic villain, Bushroot actually holds the highest body count in the series, eclipsing even ultimate big bad Negaduck. In later episodes, he joins Negaduck’s Fearsome Five.

3. Taurus Bulba

Taurus with one of his minions.

He only appears in three episodes, but Taurus Bulba makes a big impact. He is the only villain Drake Mallard’s adopted daughter, Gosalyn, is afraid of.

In the show’s two-part pilot, ‘Darkly Dawns The Duck’, Bulba kidnaps Gosalyn, believing she knows the activation code for a dangerous government weapon built by her deceased Grandfather. The villain was believed killed in an explosion, but later returns as a cyborg. Thankfully, Darkwing and Gosalyn defeat him again.

4. Megavolt

The insane Megavolt.

Megavolt is arguably the most important of all the series’ villains, as he is the reason Darkwing Duck even exists. Megavolt was formerly Elmo Sputterspark, a high school rival of Drake Mallard. After being driven insane by a failed science experiment, Sputterspark crashes the school dance as his new villainous alter ego. Drake invents the Darkwing Duck persona to stop him, and the two have been enemies ever since.

Megavolt eventually joins Negaduck’s Fearsome Five. As creator Tad Stone’s favorite baddie, he became the most commonly recurring villain.

5. Negaduck

Darkwing Duck
Darkwing faces Negaduck.

Two versions of Negaduck appeared in the original series. One was a manifestation of Darkwing’s evil side born from Megavolt’s Tronsplitter. The second was an evil Darkwing from an alternate universe. The second version is the most-well known, becoming the main villain of the series soon after his first appearance.

Negaduck is the mastermind behind villain team-up, the Fearsome Five. Darkwing forms his own team, the Justice Ducks, to take them on. Long-time fans know that Darkwing Duck preferred to work alone. Having him acknowledge that he needed help proved just how big a threat Negaduck was.

The 2017 Ducktales reboot recently introduced a new Negaduck, aging actor Jim Starling. In this universe, Starling played Darkwing Duck in an old TV series. He goes mad after learning the part has been recast for a reboot film.

Darkwing Duck was a fun superhero parody that grew into something special. Hopefully, the series will continue to find new life as Disney Plus launches in more countries.

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