Pacific Rim Uprising is a lazily written follow up to the 2013 Gundam homage Pacific Rim. While it may deliver in the special effects/building destruction department, the hollow story is devoid of any relatable characters.

Love it or hate it, Pacific Rim served its purpose as a Mecha vs Monster action spectacle. The recent academy award winner Guillermo del Toro created a feasible world in which monster and humankind were at war.

While it was met with mixed feelings, Pacific Rim at least had a half decent story with some interesting characters. The same can not be said for Pacific Rim Uprising.

Searching for the script writer – Source – IMDB

New characters do little to freshen up what should have been a one off film.

Taking place some years after the first film, Pacific Rim Uprising introduces Star Wars star John Boyega as the dishonoured Ranger of the War hero Stacked Pentacost.

Joining him against Earth’s newest threat is the young Cailee Spaney (playing Amara Namani) whose rebellious nature makes her a good drift fit for Pentacost. Also joining the cast is Scott Eastwood who shares the name and squint as his father Clint but not much else. Charlie Day reprises his role which you would hope is one of the best things about the film but ends up being one of the worst.

The mixed and matched story leaves little desire for more.

What seems to have been hand written notes stapled together to create some type of narrative is painfully basic at times. All the jokes fall flat and at times you pity the actors for having to take part in the schemozzle.

Any hope that Charlie Days character Dr. Newton Geizsler may add some much needed humour is lost. His character was changed beyond recognition and its clear Charlie Day did not receive much direction when it came to his new role.

Adria Arjona is introduced for some reason as a fancy for the forgettable Scott Eastwood and John Boyega to clash over. Her role other than that is unexplained and superfluous.

There are some other familiar faces such as Ivanna Sakhno who you might recognise as Scarlett Witch. Her character Cadet Viktoria gives Amara Namani a hard time and also shoots at some monsters but that’s about it.

As long as there are plenty of cool effects it doesn’t matter about content – Source – IMDB

The CGI is good and there’s plenty of it.

One thing that does look good are the special effects. The action scenes are bristling with them and the computer holograms, toppling buildings and mechas look realistic enough. They almost go overboard with them and even the sets look crisp and detailed. If their target audience is kids who love big fighting robots shooting lasers than they have hit the mark.

Pacific Rim Uprising is probably your classic wait for DVD release film. It will keep your kids entertained but probably numb your brain.

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