Having gotten used to average sequels, I was surprised by how good John Wick: Chapter 2 actually is.

Sequels can often be disappointingDumb and Dumber too, Anchorman 2, and Independence Day 2 to name a few. This is not the case with John Wick: Chapter 2, which fits nicely amongst the number of films that do justice to the original.

After having seen more blood than Blade at a Vampire night club, John is set on retirement. Having cleaned up some lose ends and finally glimpsing into solitude’s eyes, he barely has time to blink before his past comes back to explode in his face (quite literally).

John is forced back into the world he regretfully knows all too well and once again has to prove that there is at least one person in the world who you do not want on your bad side.

Like John Wick, the mythos and stigma surrounding the character of John Wick is one of the things that makes him so bad ass. This is built upon even more so in John Wick: Chapter 2 and it somehow just works. Watching mob bosses tremble and shake as they talk about “The Boogeyman” makes you feel the legend that is John Wick.

A God incarnate. The boogeyman.

John Wick is a walking God, an unstoppable force. You can’t help but smile as enemy after enemy fall dismally at John’s feet, their feeble attempts at his life collapsing in vain.

There is however enough time between the mountains of bodies to catch your breath. Decking himself out with a mouth watering array of guns ‘n’ gadgets John Wick has a set of guns that James Bond would be envious of. This is all before going over a carefully scrutinised and laid out plan for his mark, which works as a bridge between some of the carnage. Yet it still remains one of the more memorable scenes.

john wick: chapter 2
Suit up. John prepping to kick ass.

There is an overall dark tone surrounding the film, that of a broken man filled with regret (yes I stole from Inception). John hates what he does yet he is so good at it. Sometimes you think the movie could be a graphic novel, the OTT violence and colourful text that appears throughout the film indicating it could be if you didn’t know better.

What was wrong with John Wick: Chapter 2?

Now as the proud owner of a beagle puppy much like the one John owned in John Wick I can safely say that his reaction in the first film was not over the top.  In John Wick 2 however I found the catalyst to be much weaker; he needed a bigger driving force to be brought back into his past life.

The most unbelievable aspect of the film was that is seemed like every second person in New York City worked for this secret underground organisation of assassins. This was a big let down as it kind of distracted you from any substance of plausibility in the John Wick universe.

Should you see it?

I really enjoyed John Wick: Chapter 2. It is a must for anyone that loves a good shoot ’em up flick with high body counts. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the character of John Wick up there with the likes of Bryan Mills from Taken, or Alice from the Resident Evil franchise.



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