Gwen in 'Into The Spider-Verse'.

Already a Fan-Favourite in the comics, Spider-Gwen is earning new fans with her appearance in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Spider-Gwen, also known as Spider-Woman, or more recently, Ghost Spider, is the Gwen Stacy of Earth-65. This is a universe where Gwen was the one bitten by the radioactive spider. Peter Parker is the one to die, a parallel of Uncle Ben (Ben himself is alive and well, the classic wise old guy next door).

Of the five Spider-Heroes making their big-screen debut in Spider-Verse, Gwen is one of the most popular. She might also be one of the most important.

There are already reports of a spin-off film starring Gwen, but things go deeper than that. Going by information we have from the comics, Gwen could serve as the central figure of an animated cinematic Spider-verse.

Spider-Gwen often emerges as a leader in wider ‘Spider-Verse’ Events.

Gwen during the ‘Spider-Verse’ comic story.

In the original ‘Spider-Verse’ Comic story, Gwen is one of the first heroes to join Spider-UK’s Spider-Army. Gwen then embarks on a mission to Earth-2105 to recruit Goblin, a Peter Parker driven to madness by the death of his own Gwen Stacy. This Peter is killed before she reaches him, making Spider-Gwen even more desperate to defeat the evil Inheritors.

Gwen steps up once more during the ‘Secret Wars’ event. She rescues Peter Porker, aka Spider-Ham, and they soon team up with a group of their fellow Spider-Heroes to foil Norman Osborn’s plans.

Gwen gets her hands on an inter-dimensional travel device.

Spider-Gwen visits Spider-Woman.

After the first ‘Spider-verse’ event, Gwen obtains a Dimensional Travel Watch. She uses the device to travel the multiverse, visiting her friends in other worlds. During these trips, Gwen develops a friendship with Jessica Drew, a fellow Spider-Woman. However, she often avoids alternate Peter Parkers, still wracked with guilt over the fate of her own Peter.

As those who have seen Into The Spider-Verse would know, such a device would be very handy for any future films. Gwen, as the keeper of the Dimensional Travel Watch, would become essential.

Spider-Gwen is a key member of The Web Warriors

The Web Warriors in action.

In the aftermath of the ‘Spider-Verse’ Event, many Universes are left without a Spider-hero of their own. In those Universes, villains are running amok.

The solution? Gwen unites with a small band of other surviving Spiders to form the Web Warriors. The new team sets out to keep the peace in the worlds of their fallen comrades.

As you can see, Spider-Gwen has a lot to offer in a solo film, with many stories to be told. As the character most likely to come into possession of the Dimensional travel watch, she could also prove vital for an Into The Spider-Verse sequel, allowing the characters to easily visit and communicate with each other.

We can’t wait to see her swinging onto the big screen again soon.

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