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Let’s dive into a review and our first impressions Tokyo Ghoul: Re episode 1.

The day grew closer and now it is finally here. Season three of Tokyo Ghoul is here and it has taken the anime community by storm.

The first thing I’d like to do is separate the anime from the manga. Fans of the show would go on for days critiquing the relationship of the anime and the manga. But that’s the boring route to take and being a huge fan of the series I’m not going to do that. So let’s get started.

The Story

Tokyo Ghoul: Re Quinx Squad
Tokyo Ghoul: Re Quinx Squad Source: deviantart

We get introduced to so many characters, straight off the bat, as well as a bit of development for each of them. Although Sasaki is the main character in the series, the episode focuses on some of the other members of his Quinx Squad. We get the sense of a power struggle in the group, such as Yuri wanting to take matters into his own hands and surpassing Sasaki, his leader.

Skipping forward we see the half of the Quinx intercepting a Ghoul known as torso. And the show does a fantastic job in showcasing this Ghoul in his deranged state of being under pressure. This really brings us back to the desperation the Ghouls felt back in previous seasons.

The Squad begin to battle this Ghoul and begin to struggle without their leader, Sasaki. The battle then gets elevated by the arrival of the Serpent Ghoul, whose identity will remain hidden to prevent spoilers. He comes in and completely obliterates everyone in the battle, and the fight seems hopeless to the three members of the Quinx Squad. They’re running out of time and they run out of Kagune to use, seeing that they are limited.

They then reach a point where there is a powerful enemy in front of them and they are defenseless. This is where Sasaki joins the battle and goes toe to toe with the Serpent Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul Serpent Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul Serpent Ghoul Source: YouTube

Kaneki Ken

Sasaki realises that he cannot defeat the Ghoul with his normal weapon, and that’s when we receive the most hype moment of the episode. Kaneki Ken talks to Sasaki from within his subconscious. Kaneki begs Sasaki to give him control in order to defeat the Serpent Ghoul.

Sasaki refuses Kaneki and unleashes his Kagune from his back and prepares to battle. Ending the episode as brilliantly as ever, we see Sasaki do the infamous Kaneki finger crack.

Story-wise the episode is enjoyable, the new art style and the music executed perfectly. It treats us with beautiful piano music throughout and even metal towards the end.

Tokyo Ghoul Sasaki and Kaneki
Tokyo Ghoul Sasaki and Kaneki Source: YouTube

So what are the issues in the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul: Re season 3?

Seeing as this is the internet, this episode cannot just be praised. I can definitely see some confusion coming from anime-only viewers of the show. Root A left a gap full of plot holes that went unfilled. We see Kaneki now as Sasaki and have no idea what happened to the key characters from other seasons.

Another point I’d like to make is that they seemed to force a bit of progress just to end off on that same amazing scene.

This is obviously still the first episode and the show promises to explain all confusion as it goes along. I am excited to see how they plan on executing it and how they either stick to or stray from the manga in some areas. Readers can expect to hear from me again regarding Tokyo Ghoul: Re seeing how big it has hit the community.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re
Tokyo Ghoul: Re Source: Anime Corner

Just as Dragon Ball Super ends we indeed see a light ahead in the form of Tokyo Ghoul. And I’d love to hear your opinion of this episode over on Twitter @raees_kariem.

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