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Using the story from the 2013 game as a foundation, the Tomb Raider movie successfully kicks off a solid origin story.

The decision to reboot Tomb Raider should have been an easy one. In the era of nostalgia driven features Tomb Raider also draws the female protagonist and reboot cards.

Reboots have been a Hollywood staple for some time now. Unlike Zombie and Vampire films, reboots have managed to thrive and not go stale.

Tomb Raider has the advantage of the successful predecessor featuring Angelina Jolie. Plus the critically acclaimed award-winning game with a pre-existing origin story. Some changes were made to help develop Lara’s character and bring the origin story down to Earth.

Fans of the 2013 Tomb Raider game watched the trailer with much anticipation.

There was much excitement with the release of the trailer for Tomb Raider. The reboot promised a new start for the beloved video game character Lara Croft.

If the 2013 award winning game was anything to go by, then the story would be the one that moulds Lara Croft into a deadly relic hunter.

Rather than thrusting poor unsuspecting Lara straight into the action, there is a cleverly written prologue. This further provides the foundations from which Lara grows throughout the film.

Lara is daring and she is proud.

The prologue to her dangerous quest exhibits these qualities in her humble existence as a delivery girl. Destined for greatness, Lara chose a life of humility rather than acknowledging the passing of her father, consequently inheriting a vast wealth.

It is this first act where Lara steps out of her comfort zone yet into her element. This worked really well in the film and portrayed her as more of a risk taker than a victim of circumstance.

tomb raider movie
You never know when those archery lessons will come in handy -Source – IMDB

The supernatural and superhuman elements have been stripped away.

It would be difficult to tie-in the supernatural elements of the 2013 game. Tomb Raider therefore creates mysticism and mythology surrounding the ancient Queen Himiko. There is a scientific explanation surrounding the Queen’s revered powers and Lara has enough challenges to face without fighting undead zealots.

Playing through the 2013 game, it really felt like Lara rolled 3 D20’s for a luck check and critically hit each one, surviving time and time again where a hundred other times she would have died.

Tomb Raider managed to keep some of the jaw dropping scenes from the game such as the parachute scene, without going overboard on the unbelievable Lara’s unbelievable luck.

tomb raider movie
One of the direct scenes from the game – Source – IMDB

While Tomb Raider has some fun action, it’s not for everyone.

While the Tomb Raider movie has left a stale taste in many a critics mouths, it is nonetheless a good origin story. It was nice to see the beautiful Alicia Vikander fit comfortably in Lara Croft’s shoes without being overtly sexualised.

Tomb Raider is a great story for any fan of the series and it definitely paves the way for sequels.

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