Kylo Ren Theories
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These are the top three Kylo Ren theories on where his story is going in the new Star Wars trilogy.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens raised more questions than it answered. And like most people, I’m curious as to the parentage of Rey. But I feel that the questions surrounding the story of Kylo Ren are more fascinating and probably more crucial to unlocking the story of the new trilogy. We all love our Star Wars Theories, so this article is a distillation of the myriad Kylo Ren theories swirling around the internet into three broad categories.

3 Theories on Kylo Ren
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1. Descent: Further into the Dark Side

The Force Awakens opened with Kylo lopping the head off Max Von Sydows’s character, Lor San Tekka without hesitation. It was a brutal scene that echoed the introduction of his Grandfather in A New Hope.

The mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke suggested in The Force Awakens that Kylo Ren was still feeling the pull towards the light. Yet he still managed to skewer his Daddy later in the film. Perhaps Kylo Ren is really determined to be evil and there’s not much that’s going to stop him. This would set up an epic confrontation with his opposite, a lawfully good Rey?

3 Theories on Kylo Ren
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2. Redemption: Back Towards the light?

This is probably the most likely of all the Kylo Ren theories as we can again see the reflection of Darth Vader in Kylo Ren. Anakin Skywalker was a hero who turned to the dark side and back to save his son (and the Galaxy, I suppose). While Kylo doesn’t have any heroic past like his Grandfather, we know that he had formerly been a student of Luke’s, and was seduced by Snoke to the dark side.

This theory supposes that Kylo Ren, a cranky child of divorced parents, is just having a hard time growing up. In The Force Awakens, Snoke sensed the pull towards the light within his apprentice. So desperate was he (some Yoda syntax for you) to pull away from this, that he committed patricide! But what if this act wasn’t enough to plunge him into darkness? What if, after killing Han, he still found himself conflicted? I think it’s very likely we’ll see hints of such doubts in The Last Jedi, foreshadowing an eventual return to the light in episode nine.

I thought that Leia might be the catalyst that brings him back, but the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher makes that unlikely. Whatever the reason, Kylo’s character arc seems most perfectly suited to a redemption. If this were to come to pass, Kylo would make some kind of heroic sacrifice. Because hanging around afterwards would be awkward after all he’s done.

3 Theories on Kylo Ren
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3. Double Agent: The Tragic Hero

This Kylo Ren theory is least likely as it’s a bit too much crazy speculation (but it would be cool!). The theory proposes that Kylo is performing some kind of Professor Snape-like deep cover operation, doing anything necessary (like murdering Han!) in order to prevent some evil from occurring.

For this to be true though, the scale of evil would have to be truly epic (like Sauron times a million epic). He’s been involved in tragedies that are not just terrible on a personal level, but a galactic level!

There may be a slight chance of this coming to be though. With so many questions left unanswered from The Force Awakens, we just don’t know. It’s possible that whatever was serious enough for Luke to start a galactic game of hide and seek is also serious enough for Kylo to play Space Point Break on Snoke. But I think this is just a bit too much of a stretch.

3 Theories on Kylo Ren
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In Conclusion…

These three Kylo Ren theories are broadly where I can see the Kylo Ren story heading. I would be really surprised though, if we don’t see a redemption of Ben Solo. We’ll reassess in December after The Last Jedi to see if this theory is still on track!

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