Top 5 Funniest Anime Scenes
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What are the funniest moments in anime history? We’ve narrowed it down to a top five.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at my bookshelf or DVD collection, but I love a good anime comedy. Plus, I needed a good laugh after all that serious stuff from the last list that I did so I did some digging and found five of the funniest scenes in anime history to share.

So let’s get started! Here are the Top 5 Funniest Moments in Anime ever!

Number 5: Hoppin’ on ‘Shrooms – Cowboy Bebop (1998 – 1999)

Edward and Ein are wandering the streets and they’re hungry, so when they come into possession (so to speak) of some mushrooms the first thing Ein does is eat one – resulting in this so-weird-it’s-funny scene.

I love dogs so when I found this while watching Cowboy Bebop a few years back it killed me.

I probably shouldn’t laugh because it’s likely that those mushrooms could’ve been poisonous, in which case it would’ve been bye-bye doggy.

That said, I laughed for ages and then went back and re-watched the scene… a lot.

Number 4: Fighting Dirty – Full Metal Panic! (2005)

Sousuke Sagara is a member of a covert military unit assigned to protect Chidori Kaname, and at one point they end up in a karate dojo (I can’t remember why). The three students of the dojo challenge him to a fight with Kaname as the prize.

What makes this scene funny is just how unexpectedly the fights occur and end. I saw this scene and had to go back and re-watch it multiple times just so that I could say: “Okay, yeah, I really just saw that.”

There’s also the ‘obvious’ factor to consider. He’s a trained soldier who goes into combat regularly (apparently) so when he’s challenged to the fight with the karate guys you just know that it’s not going to end well. And when he ends the first two fights the way he does – with shotgun shells to the butt and knockout gas – your reaction is something like, “Duh, what did you think was going to happen?”

Compounding matters is Sousuke’s complete lack of understanding of martial arts dojo practices. This is why the final fight in this scene is hysterical to me. When Chidori explains that he has to use his hands to deal damage, he does. After throwing a grenade as a decoy and kicking the guy in the head, he proceeds to punch him in the groin until the poor soul surrenders.

Number 3: “I’m Drunk!” – Kaichou wa Maid Sama (2010)

This scene… I don’t even know where to start! It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in years, let alone just one of the funniest moments in anime.

Misaki has been brought to the nurse’s office after she was found unconscious by Usui. That’s about as much as I can remember in terms of the lead-up to a scene that had me chuckling for days on end.

As far as I can remember (I think it’s time to re-watch the anime and re-read the manga) we don’t see Misaki’s reaction to the ‘evidence’ that Usui collected. Not knowing how she reacted to this makes it even funnier when you think of her character and how she could’ve reacted.

Number 2: Kissing a Cat – Black Cat (2004)

Kyoko is a member of a terrorist group called the Apostles of the Stars. She and one other man from the group is in town to recruit a new member. In this particular scene she’s walking around looking for something to do when she’s surrounded by thugs that have taken over the town since the guy they’re trying to recruit arrived (he’s that terrifying).

This is the start of a running gag in the Black Cat series. Kyouko gets into trouble, Black Cat saves her and she tries to kiss him as a thank you and it builds up to where you think he’s going to be kissed… before a little white cat appears onscreen with a ‘meow’ and the camera pans out to show the world’s greatest assassin holding up the little guy like a shield in front of him for this girl to kiss.

Her reaction to the cat is just priceless and I fall over laughing whenever I see it. If you needed more reasons to watch this series then this should be enough.

Number 1: The Ultimate Surprise – Dominion Tank Police (1988 – 1989)

I’ll do my best to talk about this entry without spoiling the series for those who haven’t seen it. The basic idea is that the police in this dystopian future are divided into two sections, with the tank police acting as a special branch. As the name suggests they do their jobs with the aid of tanks.

Unfortunately, thee tank police tend to do more harm than good. The bad guys they’re chasing in this scene are making a second attempt at a previously failed heist and the tank police are right behind them when they deploy a… erm… special surprise.

This scene is funny in large part due to its unexpected execution. I mean, come on, who was expecting to run into a minefield of… wow it’s hard to write about this sequence without using crude humour!

I probably watched this scene a dozen times or more the first time I saw it and even now several years later it destroys me.

Honourable Mentions for the Top 5 Funniest Anime Moments Ever Include:

Sven, the gentleman hooker – Black Cat

It’s funny, that’s all there is to it.

The Wild Geese Meet Hellsing – Hellsing Ultimate (2006 – 2012)

Final Thoughts on the Funniest Scenes in Anime Ever

Those were my picks for the Top 5 funniest anime moments and I’d love to know what yours are, so hit me up on twitter and let me know what you think are five of the funniest moments/scenes in anime.

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