tremors a cold day in hell
Meet a prehistoric Graboid who just woke up and is very hungry. Photo by Universal 1440 Entertainment

Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell is the sixth instalment of the franchise. Is it worth seeing?

You are a scientist living at the 60th Parallel in the Nunavut Province of Canada. You feel the crisp arctic air hit your face.

Now, the wind does not sting your cheeks, due to the arctic experiencing a heat wave.  But your machine stops running, and the sled dogs are barking. You ignore their warning of danger and investigate your machine.

One of your co-worker’s radar is experiencing seismic activity. You and your team feel the glacier move under your feet, much like an earthquake. The ice cracks. What do you do?

Global Warming and Graboids

Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell
Don’t look, RUN! Stephanie Schildknecht as Aussie in “Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell.” Photo by Universal 1440 Entertainment and

If you are anything like those scientists, you’re dead. You became Graboid food. You see, the warming of the earth is causing the ice to melt and releasing the “original” and “oldest’ Graboids.

The few scientists who are at the station went searching for their missing colleagues; they find body parts. One person recognises the signs of Graboid activity and calls in the expert hunter, Burt Gummer.

What is Burt Gummer’s role in Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell?

Back in Perfection, Nevada, our fearless Graboid hunter is standing guard at Chang’s grocery store. His rifle ready to shoot at any taxman that crosses his path. Yes, Uncle Sam has found Burt Gummer and is taking everything from him. Can’t this brave hunter get a break? He needs a miracle.

Burt Gummer’s paranoia of the government is well placed, and the humour he uses adds context to the plot. The character of Burt is usually consistent throughout the Tremors series, but in this movie, well, there is something different about his wardrobe.

Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell
Meet a few of the “Tremors” team: Jamie Kennedy, Michael Gross, and Tanya van Graan in “Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell.” Photo by Universal 1440 Entertainment and Universal Studios

Travis (Burt’s son) does some fast talking to get his father to take him to Canada with him. Burt, in his military-style way, agrees. The sarcastic banter between father and son keeps the action and humour going throughout the movie.

During their flight, they have a run in with an Ass-Blaster, and I do mean run in. It causes the plane to go down, and Burt has another run in with the government man, this time it is DARPA.

DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. They make investments in breakthrough technologies for the good of national security. With Burt’s government paranoia in play, it is no surprise he thinks they are training the Graboids for military use.

After a long sleep, anyone would wake up hungry, especially if you are as big as a Graboid. Maybe someone should give the Graboids some coffee, eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

Burt is having Graboid flashbacks. Our brave hunter falls ill, and only a Graboid can save him. Travis pulls himself together and leads the team in fighting the Graboids, all the time hitting on one of the scientists and trying to find a cure for his dying father.

A Cold Day In Hell is well-worth a watch

The movie is action packed, comical, and full of thrills. Michael Gross’s portrayal of Burt is top notch. It is great seeing a storyline humanising Burt. He is always strong and seeing him frail, not giving up, and then realising he is not immortal is excellent.

The sixth instalment of the hit Tremors franchise is a must-see movie. Great characters, great plot, and full of action and suspense. You can pick it up where any Blu-ray and DVDs are sold or visit Amazon.

Where will the Tremors franchise go from here?

Blast From The Past
Rhonda LeBeck played by Finn Carter and Valentine McKee played by Kevin Bacon. Photo by Universal Pictures

Jamie-Lee Money does a great job as Valerie McKee. Name sound familiar? It should. She is Valentine McKee and Rhonda LeBeck’s (Kevin Bacon and Finn Carter’s characters in the first Tremors) daughter. She is smart like her mother, and her parents taught her everything about Graboids.

Smarts is not the only thing she is packing. Her father taught her a thing or two about shooting and handling firearms.  Uncle Burt should be proud.

Having Valerie McKee in the movie would have made a great transition to the Tremors series starring Kevin Bacon on the SyFy network. But, sad to say, it will not happen. Syfy has passed on the pilot. But who knows, maybe another network like Hulu, Netflix, or FreeForm will pick it up. One can hope.

However, according to Michael Gross’s Facebook page, Tremors 7 is in talks, but with no GUARANTEE. If there is a seventh, I can’t wait to watch the movie.

What would you like to see in the seventh instalment?

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