Mighty Ducks reboot
The cast of the original Mighty Ducks.

Quack, quack, quack! The Ducks will fly again in a Mighty Ducks reboot on Disney Plus.

The three Mighty Ducks movies were some of the most popular sports-themed children’s films in the 90s. The films followed struggling Pee-Wee Hockey team, The Ducks, and Gordon Bombay, the high-flying attorney forced to coach them as part of his community service.

The reboot series, commissioned for Disney Plus, is said to follow a slightly different plot, with a single mother forming a new Mighty Ducks team for her troubled son. This premise implies that the new Mighty Ducks could be part reboot, part sequel. Either way, there’s room for some of the original characters to appear.

Who are we most likely to see?

Emilio Estevez as Gordon Bombay

Mighty Ducks reboot
Coach Bombay in D2: The Mighty Ducks

Former Pee-Wee hockey player, turned hot-shot lawyer Gordon Bombay is a major player in the first two films. He is dubbed the ‘Minnesota Miracle Man’ for coaching the bottom of the ladder Ducks to victory in their local Pee-Wee hockey tournament. He repeats the feat in the sequel, eventually guiding Team U.S.A (mostly consisting of former Ducks), from underdogs to champions in the Junior Goodwill Games.

Bombay’s role is reduced in the third film, the character taking a permanent job with the Goodwill Games. His biggest shining moment involves him successfully fighting for the Ducks to keep their scholarships for a prestigious school.

Bombay’s actor, Emilio Estevez, works mostly behind the camera nowadays. However, he may be up for a cameo.

Joshua Jackson as Charlie Conway

Mighty Ducks reboot
Charlie in the first film.

Charlie Conway is probably the lead character of the entire Mighty Ducks franchise. The bond formed between Charlie and coach Bombay is the emotional centre of all three films. Charlie also grows the most as a player throughout the trilogy. Beginning the series as a decent player, he ends it as a great one.

Joshua Jackson has worked consistently since leaving Charlie behind, with long-running roles in Dawson’s Creek and Fringe. While he remains a busy actor, Jackson has spoken fondly of his Duck days, so a cameo is possible.

Eldon Henson as Fulton Reed

Fulton Reed in D3.

Recruited midway through the first movie, Fulton Reed becomes the Mighty Ducks main enforcer. In D2: The Mighty Ducks, Reed memorably teams up with new player Dean Portman to become ‘The Bash Brothers’.

Nowadays, Eldon Henson is best known for playing Foggy Nelson in Netflix’s Daredevil series. Daredevil’s cancellation may free him up for an appearance in the Mighty Ducks reboot.

Shaun Weiss as Greg Goldberg

Goldberg in D2.

Referred to almost exclusively by his surname, Goldberg is the Ducks’ lovable head goalkeeper. After being dropped from the goalie position in favour of Julie Gaffney in D3, he becomes the film’s unlikely hero when he scores the game-winning goal.

The character is dearly loved by fans, which would normally make Goldberg a shoo-in for a cameo. Unfortunately, actor Shaun Weiss has been in significant legal trouble in recent years, and it is unlikely Disney will want to associate with him.

Marguerite Moreau as Connie Moreau

Mighty Ducks reboot
Connie with teammate Guy in D2.

In the first Mighty Ducks movie, Connie stands out as one of the only players to attempt to warmly welcome Coach Bombay. Appearing in all three films, Connie usually plays as a forward.

Marguerite Moreau has enjoyed a long and varied career since her Duck days ended, appearing in shows ranging from Smallville to Grey’s Anatomy, and Wet Hot American Summer. In 2014, Moreau posted a series of Mighty Ducks reunion pictures on Instagram, so she may be open to revisiting Connie.

Vincent Larusso as Adam Banks

Mighty Ducks reboot
Bombay introduces Adam to the Ducks.

Initially the star player of the rival Hawks, Bombay discovers that due to district re-zoning , Adam Banks should be a Duck. Though he initially struggles to fit in, Adam’s new teammates eventually accept him, and he becomes a loyal Duck. In D3, Adam abandons a spot on the Varsity hockey team so he can return to Junior Varsity with his fellow Mighty Ducks.

Vincent Larusso is known to be extremely proud of his work as Adam, and often participates in meet and greets with fans. Larusso could easily be persuaded to appear in a a Mighty Ducks reboot.

The reboot is still in development, so we won’t see any news for a while. Thankfully for fans, all three existing Mighty Ducks movies will be available on Disney Plus at launch.

Enjoy the nostalgia, Ducks fans!

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