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The Star Wars franchise has made a few mistakes. But that’s no reason to reject Star Wars: Resistance before it airs a single episode.

A recent influx of new casting news and new trailers have prompted a mixed reaction from Star Wars fans. The casting of Matt Smith in Episode IX has been met with a mostly positive reaction. The trailer for a long delayed final season of The Clone Wars was also received warmly.

Less positive was the reception of the first trailer for Star Wars: Resistance, a new animated series set between episodes VI and VII. Based on this trailer alone, some fans have already vowed not to watch the series. Others have not gone quite that far yet, but there have been complaints. All before the series has even aired its first episode.

We think that this is just a little unfair. Here’s why fans should be prepared to give Resistance a chance.

A ‘new’ animation style does not automatically mean ‘bad’. It’s just different.

Star Wars: Resistance
Meet Team Fireball. Credit: Disney.

An early complaint about Star Wars: Resistance is the new art style being used for the series. The anime inspired artwork has been frowned upon by some as too childish and cartoony.

While Resistance’s animation does look quite different to its predecessor, Star Wars: Rebels, that is not necessarily a bad thing. This art style was chosen for a reason. It could be because it’s what catches the eye of kids today. Maybe it just worked best with what the creators were trying to do.

Or maybe, fans just need time to get used to the change.

The main character does seem to be goofy and funny, but goofy and funny is a part of Star Wars.

A lot of hate has already been thrown the way of Kazuda Xiono, the central character of Star Wars: Resistance. Fans have complained that he seems too stupid. Too goofy. Too funny.

We’d like to point out that it’s very unlikely that everything there is to know about this character was shown in a one minute trailer. Oh, and we’ll also direct you toward this photo of the original cast:

Yes, they really did save the galaxy once.

Goofy, silly, and funny have always been a part of Star Wars. We’ve had Wookies playing board games, sassy robots, and humorous misunderstandings of how The Force works.

While the funny moments are not all Star Wars is, they form an important part of the larger whole. Kazuda Xiono may be goofy and funny, but that’s probably not all he is. They are parts of what will likely be a complete, rounded character when we truly see him in action.

Once, Rebels faced many of the same supposed ‘issues’ as Star Wars: Resistance.

The crew of the Ghost. Credit: Disney.

The animation style wasn’t what fans were used to. Main character Ezra Bridger was a cocky prankster. It was for kids.

And yet, Star Wars: Rebels evolved into something few fans could have imagined in the early days. It truly added to the Star Wars canon. It introduced its own iconic villains. Ezra proved that it is possible to explore the Dark Side of the Force without letting it consume you.

Rebels threatened its characters with mortal danger, and followed through on those threats. Like a real war, not everyone who began the journey lives to see the end. Rebels became far more than just a kid’s show.

The same could become true for Star Wars: Resistance. Much of the same team who helmed Rebels, and Clone Wars before it, are working on Resistance. These are people who know Star Wars lore. They know what they’re doing with this world.

Give Star Wars: Resistance a chance when it airs in October. You could be glad you did.

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