How to be a paid content creator

Chapter 2: Why become a paid content creator?

First off, being a paid Content Creator isn't easy.

Content Creators and Influencers get a bad rap sometimes. After all, how can you explain to your family members who have done the daily grind for decades that you post content on your phone and make hundreds or thousands of dollars per brand partnership? It doesn’t seem real, right?

Science Fiction Influencers
Jake Chambers, Digital Fox Talent member, attending and promoting Alita: Battle Angel as a brand partner for 20th Century Fox. The truth is, it’s not that simple, and not as easy as it sounds. It’s genuinely a tough job that requires strategy, focus and commitment.

Yes, influencers can get paid money for a gig, but the best influencers treat it as a career, and approach it as such. If content creators approach brand partnerships professionally they’ll get hired again and again, and if they don’t they’ll get found out really fast. It’s just as hard a gig as any other in the entertainment industry, and in some cases it’s harder. The hundreds or thousands of dollars in compensation is for good work, professionalism and results.

Having said that, and clarifying the challenges in the job, it does mean you get to pick your work hours, the industry you work in, and you have control over how many hours you put in, and therefore the amount of money you make. You’re essentially an entrepreneur and business owner, freelancing out your craft and social channels. This alone in most cases makes it worth it compared to the job at at the office.

You'll need a strong work ethic to earn your dollars.

If you are a content creator, 95% of the content you produce probably won’t be paid. You’ll need to keep posting high quality content in order to keep your audience engaged and your followers growing.

For all intents and purposes, you are a one person media company and you’re probably thinking about your news feeds and followers very regularly. You’re adjusting your content strategy, assessing the performance on social media platforms and engaging with your communities. Plus, you are trying to bring in the dollars through partnerships to put food on the table. You really do earn the dollars you make, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

As a Paid Content Creator, you get to spend time doing things you love.

This is the best part. You get to pick an industry or something you’re interested in, revel in it, produce content around it and then partner with the brands you love. You’re turning a hobby into a career.

Being a content creator is an amazing way to take your career into your own hands too. It gives you the opportunity to invest as little or as much time as you want into your craft and if done properly can result in an awesome side-gig or full-time job.

UK Superhero influencers
Talent in the UK promoting 20th Century Fox's Dark Phoenix at MCM Comic-Con as ambassadors for 20th Century Fox.

Content Creation can be a fantastic revenue stream.

Being a paid content creator or an influencer gives you the potential to earn a full time salary or more. It also allows you to be paid substantial amount of money for a days work that would otherwise take most people weeks to earn working full time.

There has never existed a generation with more resources at their fingertips to generate money simply by cultivating an audience effectively.
It can result in a bundle of extra dollars for your bank account, and you can continue reaping the rewards of building your audience for years to come.

Being a Content Creator can open industry doors.

You can also open up opportunities in a range of industries that you’re interested in. By presenting yourself professionally as a content creator, and working with brands through influencer deals you may be approached by multiple industries for presenter work, sponsorships, product placements and more.

If you have an agency or talent agency these opportunities can increase even more, as you have a think tank in your corner who manages these arrangements consistently.

If you work at it, having and maintaining an audience can be good fun, and is a great situation to be in because you have reach and influence.

Hopefully those later points showcased how rewarding being a content creator can be, and the earlier points gave you a dash of perspective on how it’s not easy to get there but worth it for those who treat it as a profession.

How do you get the brands though? Well, it all starts with creating revenue driving opportunities, which you can find in our next chapter.

Answering briefs can be tough, especially if you’re new to being a content creator. Talent agencies like Digital Fox Talent manage all of this for their talent team so if you think we can help, you can sign up here. For more advice, visit here.

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