Facts about Spider-Ham
Spider-ham in 'Into The Spider-Verse'

A fixture in the comics for years, Peter Porker hits the big-screen as Spider-Ham in Into The Spider-Verse.

Spider-Ham is quickly emerging as one of the breakout characters in the diverse cast of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. There has already been talk of the character getting a movie of his own.

However, four other Spider-People also made their big-screen debut in Spider-Verse. This meant that Spider-Ham’s backstory was only able to be briefly touched on.

This is a shame, as Peter Porker has a surprisingly rich history in the comics. Let’s take a look at some facts about Spider-Ham.

1. Spider-Ham received his powers from May Porker.

Facts About Spider-Ham
Peter the Spider becomes Spider-Ham

Into The Spider-Verse revealed that Spider-Ham was originally a spider bitten by a radioactive pig. What it didn’t tell us is that the radioactive pig was May Porker, that universe’s version of Aunt May.

May was a scientist, and Peter an ordinary spider. After May’s new atomic-powered hair-dryer malfunctions and douses her in radiation, May is briefly driven mad and bites Peter, transforming him into Spider-Ham.

Peter also receives most of May’s scientific knowledge after the bite. This gives him the ability to build his own web-shooters, as his natural webbing was lost in the transformation from spider to pig.

Meanwhile, May comes to believe that she has always been Peter’s Aunt.

2. Spider-Ham shared a comic with animal versions of other classic Marvel Characters

Facts About Spider-Ham
The cover of Marvel Tails.

Spider-Ham made his debut in the one-shot comic Marvel Tails.

Released in 1983, Marvel Tails featured stories starring animal versions of other well-known Marvel Heroes. These included Captain Ameri-cat, The Incrdible Hulk-Bunny, and Goose Rider (A parody of Ghost Rider).

Most of these characters reappeared when Spider-Ham received a solo-comic in 1985. The new book also introduced Deerdevil and the Fantastic Fur.

3. Spider-Ham has his own Rogue’s Gallery, including an Arch-Enemy

Facts About Spider-Ham
The evil Ducktor Doom

Spider-Ham’s arch enemy is often stated to be Ducktor Doom, a parody of Doctor Doom. One memorable adventure had Peter Porker foil the Ducktor’s plot to create an army of living Super Vegetables.

Other enemies of Spider-Ham include Raven the Hunter, The King-Pig, and Doctor Octopussy Cat.

4. He is a recurring ally of Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man Noir

Facts About Spider-Ham
Spider-Ham with his fellow Spider-Heroes

When major Spider-verse crossover events occur, you can expect Spider-Ham to play a major role.

You can also expect a Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen team up. The pair form a friendship during the original ‘Spider-verse’ crossover comic. Gwen later rescues Peter Porker from Battleworld during ‘Secret Wars’.

Spider-Man Noir is another common ally of Spider-Ham during crossovers. This is seen in Into The Spider-Verse, when Ham and Noir enter the story at the same time.

5. Spider-Ham was once part of a team known as the Web Warriors.

The Web Warriors.

After the ‘Secret Wars’ end, a group of Spider-Heroes form a team known as the Web Warriors.

Peter Porker, Spider-Gwen, and Noir are all key members of the team. Spider-Man India, Spider-UK, and two Spider-Girls round out the group.

The Web Warriors have only one goal. They wish to protect the many Universes left without a Spider-Man after the ‘Spider-Verse’ event. From a base on Earth-001, they monitor the multiverse for Spider-less worlds in trouble.

From a one-note joke, Peter Porker has grown into a well-rounded, much loved character. He steals the show in Into the Spider-Verse.

It might not be long before we see the Spectacular Spider-Ham hitting the big screen on his own.

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