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If these trailers are any indication, these thriller movies will thoroughly freak us out over the next few months of 2018.

By now, we all know how effectively silence can inspire deafening fear with Jim Halpert’s A Quiet Place. It pumped life back into thriller movies just when our ADD-rattled brains were forgetting about Get Out.

Right now, it’s looking like it won’t be beat, but there’s so much competition coming down the pipe for new thriller movies being released in the coming months. Let’s take a quick dive into YouTube a find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

5 – Bad Samaritan (May 4th)

Oh boy. Two blokes unlucky enough to mess with Dr. Who/Kilgrave have stepped in some serious crud. When they take his sweet Maserati for a joy ride and attempt consequential home theft, they stumble across more than what they bargained for. When proven villain David Tennant finds out, it’s game on.

How long will the parking attendants from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off last? Logically about at least an hour and half. Bad Samaritan follows the same plot line most thriller movies adhere to: innocent goofing off leads to an unsuspecting psycopath’s secret. It’s always  nice to see Tennant as the bad guy, let’s hope this one kills the box office.

4 – Replicas (August 24th)

Keanu! What are you doing here buddy? You of all people should know not to mess with clones! Especially trusting failed entrepreneur Richard Hendricks. Tsk, tsk Mr. Anderson.

Replicas is right in Reeves’ wheelhouse, seeing him returning to his sci-fi roots. Even if the clone’s exoskeleton in question looks like a… what’s the word… let’s go with copy of I, Robot.

Thomas Middleditch and Alice Eve also star in Replicas aka My Step Mommy’s A Faker. I only kid because I’m seriously terrified for the next generation where clone testing is inevitable and this very scenario is bound to happen.

It’s hard to believe that John Wick himself would put himself in such a precarious position but that’s just how the thriller movies cookie crumbles. If this is anywhere near to resembling Reeves’ 2015 flick, Knock Knock, we’re in for a real treat.

3 – American Animals (June 1st)

Sticking with his quest to star in everything with ‘American’ in the title, Evan Peters galvanises three friends to pull off the craziest art theft in U.S. history. Based on a true story, director Barry Layton (The Imposter) interweaves a recounting from the actual thieves and a dramatisation of the story like a true crime History Channel piece with an actual budget.

It chronicles the Transy Book Heist that took place in 2004 Kentucky, which the FBI even deems one of the most brazen thieveries ever.

Honestly, check this out: Of the items stolen was an 1859 first edition copy of On The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin. Judging by the plan and the eventual outcome, these college kids seem like they’re worthy of a Darwin award.

None the less, Peters looks like he’s in top form and his most Amercan-y in American Animals.

2 – Terminal (May 11th)

Looks like Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Tonya Harding and Naomi from Wolf of Wall Street got together and had a baby. And they apparently taught her how to be a top notch assassin.

The synopsis doesn’t reveal much for Terminal, only that two assassins try to unravel a mystery that have them cross paths with a janitor, a teacher and a waitress. Their strings are being pulled by a powerful crime boss in an anonymous city looking for revenge. Hmmm. Sounds like a joke. Ha. Heh. Ha.

And what better jokers to cast than Simon Pegg and Mike Myers to turn this otherwise darkly lit neo-noir into a light hearted must see flick this May?

Robbie’s on a roll and it would be foolish to pass up seeing her on a hot streak this good.

1 – Dark Crimes (April 19th Direct TV, May 11th wide release)

Speaking of Jokers, Jim Carrey is not kidding around in Dark Crimes. No sir. Not even a riddle is present in this one. Well maybe just the actual murder mystery.

When it comes to thriller movies, Jim Carrey is still striving to be the king, and this could be his chance to shine.

Dark Crimes is based on a wild true story about a detective who believes a writer’s book will help solve a murder in real life. The whole story is captivating.

Seeing Carrey make a comeback would be enough to attract his die hard fans and casual moviegoers alike. Add to that Mark Csokas, who plays the delightfully evil Quinn on Into the Badlands, as Carrey’s adversary and you have a true recipe for success. But the source material is what ultimately makes this a must see.

Can’t wait that long to get shivers down your spine? Well in case you haven’t heard The Purge is Back, and Purge is Back

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