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There’s a new The Last Jedi trailer and I suddenly can’t function as an adult anymore.

Just when I thought I was safe from movie hype, Lucasfilm release a new trailer for The Last Jedi. Now, I’ve been trying to act like a mature, reasonable movie enthusiast, immune to artificially induced movie hysteria. Confident in my ability to rationally divorce myself from the excitement of ‘nostalgia piano’ or ‘Inception base drops’.

So when I saw the tweet from Rian Johnson, urging fans to maybe skip the trailer, in favour of going in blind to the movie. I thought I might even give that a try this time. But I happened to be watching the Monday Night Football game between the Bears and the Vikings. When halftime came, the First Order Storm Troopers hit the field (TV screen). With the remote too far away, and the trailer rapidly approaching, I couldn’t look away.

1. First Order’s arsenal

As the trailer begins, we hear an ominous voice over from Snoke talking about raw power, presumably that of Kylo Ren. We see some scenes of the arsenal of The First Order, including the impressive looking AT-M6 (All Terrain MegaCaliber Six), stalking across what I presume is about to become a battlefield. These things look like an unholy cross between an AT-AT and a gorilla. Later scenes reveal that they’re going up against a squadron of Alliance Bombers in what should be an impressive battle scene.

The Last jedi
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2. Rey spends a lot of time on Ahch-To

The Force Awakens closed with a tantalising, yet mute, meeting of Rey and Luke on Ahch-To. Which was revealed as the planet of Luke’s exile in the novelisation of The Force Awakens. There’s some ‘teach me’ quotes from Rey, and some scenes of her training that very much reflect Luke’s own training in Empire under Yoda. We also get a great close up of Luke’s mechanical hand. Which makes me think that the themes from The Empire Strikes Back will echo through this film.

The Last Jedi
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We then hear Luke’s voice for the first time in a while, as he expresses fear over someone’s raw strength. This references Snoke’s quote from earlier in the trailer, making both quotes seem quite ambiguous. Are they both talking about Ben (I like using his given name – great name) Solo? Or are they talking about Rey? Maybe they’re each talking about their respective pupils? The Luke quote runs over what appears to be extensions of the visions Rey saw in Maz’s Cantina in The Force Awakens.

3. Kylo Drops his Lollies again

Then we’re back with the First Order. There’s some shots of Kylo’s all dressed up for Halloween and having a classic Ben Solo tantrum. This is followed by an epic looking space battle. In which Kylo is piloting a mean looking Tie fighter variant (I can’t keep up with them all anymore).

Kylo talks about ‘killing your past’ over some images of Leia, but I’m thinking that he might be talking to Rey here (more on that later…).

The Last Jedi
Did you bring any blue milk? – Source:

4. Also Starring…

From here The Last Jedi trailer becomes a bit of a montage. We get a glimpse of the Falcon being pursued by Tie fighters through a cave. Chewbacca and your kid’s next toy, the Porg, are in the cockpit. But it’s not clear who’s at the helm. Poe Dameron is being inspirational and flying an X-Wing. While Finn faces off against Captain Phasma armed with a force baton.

There’s more space battles. Some weird Pokemon looking Ice Foxes, and Luke giving us a variation of the foreboding ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this’ quote. Leia looks sad in a scene that’s eerily similar to the time Luke was sleeping in a Tauntaun on Hoth in Empire. Rey goes swimming. Finn appears to be captured by the First Order (maybe Phasma owned him in the previous scene). A wrinkly (non holographic) Snoke talks about destiny and Rey does (Snoke induced?) Yoga. We then cut to black with some nostalgia piano background music.

5. Rey and Kylo have an interesting encounter

Perhaps the most interesting part of The Last Jedi trailer is saved for the end. We have a close up on Rey saying ‘I need someone to show me my place in all this’. We then cut to Ben Solo extending a helping hand to Rey.

The Last Jedi
What happens in round 2? – Source:

What does The Last Jedi trailer tell us?

Honestly, now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I don’t think there’s anything too surprising here. Lucasfilm has been teasing the darker imagery and tones of this film for a while now and this trailer followed suit. As I mentioned earlier, the film seems heavily influenced by The Empire Strikes Back. Which excites me, as it’s my favourite of the original trilogy.

The Last Jedi Trailer features some typically impressive set pieces. Battles in space, battles on land, battles against the shiny Captain Phasma. Again, I hate to keep banging on the ‘it looks like Empire‘ drum, but I think we’ll see the First Order strike back in a big way in this film. But that’s no sin, this being a trilogy and all. Things will have to get to their darkest before the dawn.

It also looks like we’re in for some Rey exposition. If I were a betting man (and I am, but I suck at it) I’d wager that Luke has some uncomfortable news for Rey. They have an unhappy parting, similar to that of Luke and Yoda in Empire, and she seeks answers from Kylo. If that’s where this is going, I like it. If it’s not, I trust these film makers to give us something better that what I can imagine.

So, did I miss something? Think I’m wrong? Tweet me @benaldridge58 to let me know!

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