Michael Keaton's Vulture suit
Vulture suit. Source: Screen Rant

Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming was brilliant. But what’s equally as interesting is Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit.

I think it’s pretty fair to say that Michael Keaton as Vulture is the most exciting Spider-Man villain that we’ve seen. If you want Keaton’s take on his character, click here. But man I want to know more about Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit. It looks awesome and grants Vulture some pretty cool abilities to fight Spider-Man.

While I think Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit was badass, I couldn’t help but think that Spider-Man: Homecoming didn’t quite portray all of Vulture’s abilities. So let’s look at Michael Keaton’s Vultures suit in more detail.

But first…

Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit has a space machine gun gadget.

Michael Keaton Vulture suit
Vulture’s plasma gun. Source: radiotimes.com

We see Vulture using a seriously dangerous weapon that disintegrates people. It doesn’t seem to be connected to his suit but it is one of his main gadgets. The gun shoots a plasma blast that literally turns people into dust.

Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit is all about the tech.

One of the things I love about Spider-Man: Homecoming is its focus on technology. It keeps this movie on the cutting edge and fits perfectly with Peter Parker, Tony Stark and Adrian Toomes’ (Vulture) character. It only makes sense that Iron Man creates a decked out Spider suit to contend with Michael Keaton’s decked out Vulture suit.

Adrian Toomes is basically just an engineer who built himself a winged suit which grants him some special abilities. His suit turns himself from just a regular crazy guy to a crazy who can fly.

When he finds himself without a job, Toomes realises that there’s serious money in selling MCU relics. So he starts selling these weapons to criminals to provide for his family. To make it easier to collect these relics, Toomes uses his genius intellect to build a suit, earning the alias ‘Vulture.’

Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit is a techy’s wet dream.

Michael Keaton's Vulture suit
Vulture vs Spider-Man. Source: CinemaBlend

Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit has a super slick dark metallic design. His wings are massive and serve more purposes than just the obvious. We will discuss this soon.

His wings can fold in and out and have two massive motors, one on each side. They look like metal disks with a glowing blue energy disk around them. It’s a very cool look. These motors allow him to fly at a max speed of around 150km/hr.

He also has a super badass helmet that covers his head and face, giving him terrifying green eyes. If you want a better picture click here.

But my favourite feature of Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit (besides the wings) is his metal birds feet. I’m drooling right know, it’s so awesome! I might consider a life of crime if I can wear that suit! I want one!

Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit has metal wings that are dangerous.

Vulture’s wings aren’t just for flying. They have another super deadly ability. The “feathers” on the wings can double as sharp weapons that are strong enough to break stone. They can also be used as pincers for cutting through objects, like scissors. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to see this ability in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

What you also probably didn’t know about Vulture’s wings is that they run on specialised motors that are completely silent. This helps Vulture go under the radar when committing robberies.

Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit has metal ‘bird feet’ that gives him super strength.

The ‘bird feet’ or talons of Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit allow him to lift heavy loads of up to 700lbs (about 235kg).

This can be seen when Vulture lifts the the heavy boxes from the plane. It would have easily weighed over 100kg and Vulture carried it without breaking a sweat.

Vulture’s strength is also seen when fighting Spider-Man and throwing him through a bus and then later almost beating him to death. Spider-Man isn’t exactly an easy guy to beat down on considering his body is super dense. In fact, in the comics, Spider-Man’s torso is dense enough to snap the wrist of a trained heavyweight boxer who is throwing a punch.

Spider-Man: Homecoming didn’t take full advantage of Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit.

Michael Keaton's Vulture suit
Michael Keaton looking evil. Source: Cosmic Book News

While Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit was a major highlight of the film, I just feel like they could have explored the suit in more detail.

Spider-Man: Homecoming skips eight years between Adrian Toomes loosing his job and becoming Vulture. I would have loved to see the process of Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit being designed and constructed by Toomes.

After all, Spider-Man: Homecoming is all about technology. We didn’t get to see that much of the suit’s capabilities and technology. I think it’s only fair since the audience got to see Peter Parker exploring all the cool features of his new Spider-Man suit.

So that’s my opinion. I loved Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit but thought the film could have focused more on it. Since Vulture will likely not feature as the villain for upcoming Spider-Man sequels, I feel like exploring Michael Keaton’s Vulture suit was a missed opportunity. Oh well, there’s still plenty to love about it.

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