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Batman loomed large in the Arrowverse crossover, ‘Elseworlds’. We’ve got all the references the episodes made to the iconic DC character.

For an arc that was supposed to introduce Batwoman, the Arrowverse’s 2018 crossover, ‘Elseworlds’, spent a great deal of time discussing Batman. Though many felt that this was detrimental to Batwoman’s development during her two-episode appearance, the references to Batman helped ground the Gotham City of the Arrowverse in its DC Comics roots, and possibly set up the possibility of a future appearance by the caped crusader.

These are all the references to Batman we spotted in ‘Elseworlds’. Spoilers ahead!

Is Batman Even Real?

When Oliver Queen, Barry Allen and Kara Danvers are heading to Gotham City, they discuss whether or not Batman is even real. Barry, the typical fanboy, strongly believes that Batman is real but Oliver thinks he’s a myth invented by the GCPD to scare criminals. Oliver insists that the Arrow is the original vigilante. This may also be a reference to Green Arrow being called the Walmart Batman by some non-fans, something Stephen Amell added to his Twitter bio a while ago.


Our first inkling that Batman is real comes when Barry uncovers a cloth to reveal the Bat-signal. The signal is housed on the roof where the heroes have met up, just like it is in the DC Comics. However, we are not sure if it’s the GCPD roof. Also, can I say how similar the Gotham City skyline looks to the Batman: Arkham games? I love it!

Once the heroes are working together in Wayne Tower, Kate Kane tells them that the WIFI password is Alfred, none other than Bruce Wayne’s trusty Butler/ side-kick. Well, of course it is! Kate also references an IT expert in the Wayne R&D team who could possibly be Lucius Fox.

When Kara and Kate chat in Kate’s office, Kara picks up a bust of Shakespeare from a box near her. Batman fans will recognise this from the Batman 1966 show where a bust of the Bard hid the big red button that controlled the way to the Batcave.

And speaking of the Batcave, we get a brief glimpse of it when Kate goes to suit up. It looks a bit messy, though.

Oh, and there’s definitely a Batmobile in this universe because Barry, recognising that Batwoman has some affiliation to Batman, asks if there is a chance he can get a ride in the Batmobile. Batwoman tells them to get the hell out of her city, so we’ll take that as a ‘no’.

Where’s Bruce?

Batwoman-Elseworlds-Den of Geek
Bruce Who? – Everyone after seeing Batwoman. Source: Den of Geek

When Oliver, Kara and Barry are brought to Wayne Tower, Kara wonders aloud whether they were invited by Bruce Wayne. But Oliver informs her that Bruce Wayne disappeared three years ago. Apparently, he just upped and offed, nobody knows where.

It turns out that around the same time, Batman disappeared from Gotham City as well. Now, we as fans know Bruce and the big bad Bat are the same, but aren’t the people of Gotham questioning this? Kara surmises as much but Kate Kane manages to deflect, saying Batman’s disappearance sent Gotham City into a downward spiral that took a toll on Bruce, and could be the reason why he left. However, Kate isn’t quite sure about that.

Interestingly, we learn that there’s definitely a Bruce Wayne on Earth-38, one who hasn’t disappeared, and that he’s frenemies with Superman there!


Heart of cold, this one. Source: Wiki

There are so many name-drops in this episode that we were leaping out of our seats. The first is fairly innocuous, and easy to miss. Oliver mentions Vesper Fairchild, a radio and TV personality with whom he once had a brief affair. Vesper had a relationship with Bruce Wayne in the Batman comics.

While John Diggle and Oliver are searching for villain John Deegan’s office, they walk past cells with the names of several of Batman’s rogue’s gallery – O. Cobblebot (Penguin), P. Isley (Poison Ivy), B. Karlo (Clayface), E. Nigma (Riddler). Plus, one ‘M. Guggenheim’ who is the executive producer of Arrow.

We also see Psycho-Pirate, though his name is not revealed. He is a Batman villain who will probably be a recurring character in the Batwoman show.

And Killer Frost fights Nora Fries (played by Stephen Amell’s wife, Cassandra Jean!), who borrows Victor Fries’ gun. We also get a glimpse of Bane’s mask in the scene. Later, Barry and Oliver get accidentally dosed with toxins belonging to J. Crane, aka Scarecrow.

World’s Finest

With Arkham Asylum secure and the Monitor’s book in safe hands, Batwoman and Supergirl shake hands, having revealed that they know each other’s secret identities. Supergirl then remarks that she must return to her dimension but that she and Batwoman would have made a good team. Batwoman agrees, saying they would have been the world’s finest. This is a reference to the Batman-Superman team-ups in the DC comics!

We cannot wait for the Batwoman show next year and all the Bat-verse references we will encounter. Hopefully in her solo show, Batwoman will get to shine more, instead of being overshadowed by her cousin.

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