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Eric Brooks is coming to the MCU and I’m equally as excited as I am concerned.

So Marvel made an interesting announcement at the San Diego Comic-Con; apparently there’s a reboot of Blade in the works. This rebooted version of the character will be entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of Mahershala Ali.

Now, Blade is one of my personal favorite characters in Marvel comics in general and I’m genuinely excited about the reboot. With that said, however, I’m also somewhat concerned about bringing the character into the MCU.

Who is Blade?

Eric Brooks’ mother was attacked by a vampire named Deacon Frost while pregnant. The attack caused Brooks to mutate – for lack of a better word – into a human/vampire hybrid. He, of course, grows up to hunt vampires; taking on the alias of Blade.

The character got his start in an issue of Tomb of Dracula in 1973 – specifically Issue 10. Initially a supporting character, Brooks did eventually grow into a character of his own and branched out into a number of solo series’.

Wesley Snipes played the character in three theatrical films (Blade, Blade II and Blade: Trinity). A little while after Trinity, David S. Goyer – the producer of the films – started a TV series on Spike TV. A twelve episode anime series came out in 2012 and it is pretty good, although a little rushed.

So… Vampires in the MCU?

New Blade
One of Marvel’s more obscure characters – Source: Polygon

Now, while it might seem a bit far-fetched at first, vampires have something of a history which goes back to a character called Morbius, the Living Vampire who first appeared as a villain in Amazing Spider-Man #101 in 1971. This was around the time where the Comics Code Authority was more or less starting to lose steam. Under the CCA, vampires, werewolves and other monsters were banned outright, but following an update to the code in 1971; that was changed.

So vampires have always, in a sense, been part of the Marvel Comics world. We just haven’t seen them in the MCU yet – which brings us back to the starting line.

Why am I excited about the Reboot?

New Blade
Wesley Snipes played Blade in the original trilogy – Source: Bloody Disgusting

Generally speaking, reboots and remakes are like the bane of a moviegoers experience.

The sheer number of shot-for-shot remakes that have been coming out recently hasn’t really helped matters either. That said, we haven’t seen vampires in the MCU yet. This is a golden opportunity for Marvel to really explore a subject matter that they seem to have forgotten about.

We don’t have any plot details or estimated release dates yet either. That said, I think we might be getting something a little closer to the source material. Perhaps we’ll be seeing the likes of Hannibal King and Rachel van Helsing or some of Blade’s other comic book allies. As for villains, there are three that come to mind: Deacon Frost, Morbius the Living Vampire and Dracula.

On the other hand we may get an origin story of sorts; documenting Blade’s childhood. The first few years that he spent hunting vampires would be quite a film; maybe he’ll team up with Spider-man for a movie. If I’m not wrong, the two did team up in the cartoon series once or twice. Peter Parker is attacked by a vampire and Blade saves him; the two end up working together (albeit reluctantly) to end a greater threat.

Some Concerns With Doing Blade Justice

As excited as I am about the possibility of seeing Blade return to the big screen, I can’t help feeling a little nervous.

The films and TV series have set something of a standard in regards to the character. He’s a man of few words who isn’t above using violence to achieve his objectives.

The first Blade film was an R-rated film upon its release in 1998. It came out at a time when comic book films were becoming a laughing stock of sorts with Batman and Robin, Spawn, and others failing miserably at the box office. Much has changed since then but most of the comic book films we’ve had have been PG or PG-13; there’s nothing wrong with that but a PG/PG-13 rating wouldn’t do well for Blade. Blade Trinity showed us that much.

New Blade
The new Blade movie. – Source: HN Entertainment

Marvel has done R-rated comic book movies recently with Deadpool being super successful at the box office. I can only imagine that Marvel has plans to capitalize on the success of their R-rated superhero films.

As I said earlier, we don’t have any plot details or a release date yet. We do know that this new Blade will be part of Phase 5 of the MCU. So it’s still at least a few years out but hopefully, they’ll do Blade justice.

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