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Will Fox’s "Lethal Weapon" Survive Season 3 without Riggs? Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford in "Lethal Weapon." Photo by: Warner Bros. Television and Fox Television. Altered by T.L. Hicks.

Clayne Crawford is out, and Seann William Scott is in. Will Lethal Weapon survive the change of one of its main characters in Season 3?

Us viewers are picky people. We are set in our ways. When we like something, we don’t want to see it change. Yet, like life, everything changes, and it is no different with Lethal Weapon.

When Lethal Weapon debuted on Fox in 2016, I was up in the air. Who could replace the incredible, crazy team of Mel Gibson (Martin Riggs) and Danny Glover (Roger Murtaugh)?

But the Fox Network and producer/director McG (Supernatural and Shadowhunter’s: The Mortal Instruments) found a way with Clayne Crawford (Martin Riggs) and Damon Wayans (Roger Murtaugh).

Lethal Weapon TV series has been a big hit. So why the change?

Lethal Weapon is a big hit. IMDB rates it an 8.1/10. Nielsen’s television ratings report the show averages 5.3 million viewers in the 18-49 age range, with an overall average of 8.6 million viewers from multi-platforms such has Hulu streaming.

So why the change?

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Clayne Crawford was fired from Lethal Weapon due to bad behavior/anger management issues. According to his official Instagram account, he was upset due to unsafe working conditions.

In a separate event, while he was directing an episode, an actor got hit by a piece of shrapnel. Per the Hollywood Reporter, Damon Wayans was the actor who got hit.  Due to these events, according to The Hollywood Reporter, many people who work on the series do not want to work with Clayne.

According to TV Guide, the Fox Network executives didn’t want to fire Clayne Crawford, but they are supporting Warner Brothers’ decision to let him go, and they believe it to be the right choice.

Do you agree?

Is there a chance for Riggs to return?

Is there a chance for Clayne Crawford to rekindle that ‘old black magic’ with Fox and Warner Brothers? Well, if you saw the last episode “One Day More,” it features Garrett, played by Peter Coventry Smith, shooting Riggs at Miranda’s grave.

Murtaugh hears over his radio that shots have been fired. We can only imagine what the emotional state Murtaugh will be in when he comes upon Riggs’ body.

Is he or isn’t he alive? If there is no hope for reconciliation between Crawford and the big wigs, chances are Riggs dies. If there is a chance, maybe, just maybe, he lived and is in the witness protection program.

Who is replacing Clayne Crawford?

Seann William Scott, best known for playing Steve Stifler in the American Pie movies, will enter the series as a new character who partners up with Damon Wayans’ character, Roger Murtaugh.

Scott has been in a television series before. He guest starred in Unhappily Ever After as Moondoggie, Something So Right as Preston, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as Country Mac, and in Timms Valley as US Marshal Kev. His new role is different. As the others were guest-starring roles, his role in Lethal Weapon will be as a co-lead, a main character, which means a series regular.

Will the writers try to make Scott’s character similar to Riggs? Or, will Murtaugh be the crazy one and Scott’s character be the sane one? Considering the characters Scott has portrayed in the past, Crash in the Ice Age movies, the American Pie movies, The Rundown, and Bulletproof Monk, Scott’s character will bring in the laughs, and he is not bad at action scenes.

But will it all be too little too late? Will the fans give Lethal Weapon Season 3 a chance?

According to TV Guide, Fox Television co-chair, Gary Newman, used NYPD Blue as an example of a recast of a lead, Jimmy Smits taking over for David Caruso in Season 2, and the show made eleven more seasons, making it a total of twelve seasons. Can Lethal Weapon do the same?

Television series recasts aren’t complete rarities.

Let’s look at Batman. In the mid-sixties the television show Batman went through three Catwomen. In the first two seasons, Catwoman was played by Julie Newmar. Lee Meriwether was the Catwoman in the tie-in movie, and Eartha ‘purr’ Kitt portrayed the Catwoman in Season 3.

Catwoman was not the only one. Frank Gorshin and John Astin played the Riddler. Mr. Freeze was played by three actors, George Sanders, Otto Preminger, and Eli Wallach.

Another take on Batman is with the movies; it seems Batman takes its cue from the James Bond films. Same character different actors.

Bewitched had two Darrins.

That ‘70s Show had two Lauries.

And how many people portrayed the Doctor in Doctor Who? With the recent incarnation, the Thirteenth Doctor, is played by Jodie Whittaker.

These are a few of recasts that hit television and movies, and the audience seems okay with the changes.

Before I give up on Lethal Weapon, I will give Seann William Scott’s character a chance, and so should you.

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