Dimensions VS

This week, we take a look at the Melbourne-based TeePee Studios – and ask about the upcoming release of Dimensions VS!

Whenever I attend PAX Australia, I’m always left in awe at the amount of amazing content people are able to produce.

As someone who is fascinated by my local games industry, my number one area is always PAX Rising. From one-man studios creating games from scratch, to former triple-A devs utilising their talents outside the mainstream – walking out of that area of the convention unimpressed is a rarity.

Back in 2016, I came across this one booth within the Academy of Interactive Entertainment section. On display, there were several projects highlighted within this area, showcasing the talents of some of their most talented students.

While each one was impressive in their own right, what really caught my attention was this cool looking Super Smash Bros-inspired fighting game, titled Dimensions VS.

During my play session, I couldn’t help but feel amazed at this game. Not only did the title play very much like Super Smash Bros, but I could tell that this was more than just a simple student assessment. From its controls, camera movement, level design and combat mechanics – this just wasn’t something that could be crunched down by any amateur developer.

But it’s not just the fact that these students were able to create a title that played very similar to Smash that got my interest peaked. It’s the fact that, even to this day, this group of passionated developers are still working on it.

Most students in a similar situation would abandon projects like this once they got their final marks back (believe me, I’ve been there a dozen times). Just knowing that even after the conclusion of their assessments they’re still working on it, shows that this has some potential.

From student project to Steam – how TeePee managed to develop Dimensions VS!

With just days before the Dimensions VS’ launch party, I managed to chat with TeePee Studios Producer, Peter Daly. With the release of the game in just a few days, Peter discussed their initial student project, the requirements and their idea to make a title that celebrated their love for Super Smash Bros.

“Our assessment required us to make a playable game as a group,” Peter explained. “The team that we formed enjoyed playing Smash together – so we decided to collaborate and make a game that we’d enjoy playing.”

While the inception of this project started off with a love for Super Smash Bros, it wouldn’t be their main driving force. The influences of other games are without doubt present throughout the design of this game. But as Peter explained, Rivals of Aether would be the one that would motivate the small studio into completing the game.

When asked about new characters, Peter reassured that the team will be updating the game with all-new competitors and stages throughout the year. In addition, Peter also teased the potential of adding several “guest indie characters” to the roster, but failed to hint on any details (please, let it be Shovel Knight and Meat Boy!).

Though with the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate just a few months away, I asked Peter about his plans on making Dimensions VS “stand out” from its competitors.

“We’ll be focusing on introducing new game modes that haven’t really been explored much in the platform fighter genre,” Peter explained. “We can’t say much, but we’re really excited to see how people react to them!”

Dimensions VS will be released on Steam Early Access within the next couple of days. Dimensions VS is completely free-to-play, so be sure to check it out and support our local indie developers!

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