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Dominic Keating is a very special guest at this year’s Oz Comic-Con Sydney. We got to chat to him about all things Trek.

As briefly mentioned in a previous articleStar Trek Enterprise is my favourite Star Trek series. My favourite character in it is Lieutenant Reed. To clarify: Malcom Reed is my favourite character from my favourite Star Trek series.

So imagine my joy when I had the opportunity to ask Dominic Keating (the actor who plays him) a few questions about his career!

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Dominic Keating: A Primer

Dominic Keating is a man of many talents. He has performed on stage, TV, and film.

He first came to fame while playing a barber’s apprentice named Tony on the British TV show Desmond’s, which (as you may have guessed) is about a barbershop.

Desmond’s is one of those ‘socially risque’ comedies which Britain was so fond of producing in the ’70s – it features a mainly coloured cast where Tony was ‘the token white guy’.

However, Dominic achieved worldwide fame by playing Lieutenant Reed (the Tactical Officer of the pre-Federation starship Enterprise).

He also narrated the Ricky Gervais film The Invention Of Lying.


No, it’s not – he really did.

Let’s dive into the interview.

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If your role was going to be reprised in the JJ Abrams Star Trek universe and you got to chose who played Lieutenant Reed, who would you pick?

Martin Short!

If you could play any role in any stage show, which role would you pick and why?

Hamlet, because it’s the ‘Mount Everest’ of acting – and I’d be brilliant!

What was your favourite Enterprise episode and why?

Well, SHUTTLEPOD 1 because I was in it a lot and it was so great to get to do a ‘2 hander play’ with Connor Trinneer.

But I also think COGENITOR was a particularly great episode. Solid Trek and just good episodic drama.

How would you describe your relationship with Star Trek fans?

Love the fans, the fandom and their ‘passion’. No complaints here!

How would you say that social media has impacted your job as a performer?

I’ve somewhat slowly embraced the Social Media explosion! I actually quite like it now. Apparently, it ‘matters’ how active one is and how many ‘followers’ one has but this ol’ dog don’t really care!

(SOURCE: Screenshot from Desmond’s)

Did your time on Desmond’s give you real-life barber skills?

No – no hair skills here! I just look like I know what I’m doing – kinda like working a computer console on Enterprise – not a clue in real life!

Seth McFarlane appeared on Enterprise twice. Would you ever consider appearing on his Sci-Fi parody, The Orville?

I would definitely like to be on The Orville! Start the campaign to Seth’s Twitter feed now!

What’s your favourite thing about Australia?

Sydney Harbour. And I’ve got some really good friends down there now, too!

What are you looking forward to the most about Sydney Comic-Con 2018?

Being ‘Brad Pitt’ for the weekend!

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: If I were Brad Pitt for a weekend I’d probably just wish I was Dominic Keating. No offense, Brad.)

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