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The intense stare... how intense is the show? Source: IMDB

The newly renamed YouTube Original has snapped up sci-fi thriller Origin. Here is everything we know about the show.

Origin is about to be everyone’s new favourite sci-fi thrill-fest. The show is slated to debut sometime in 2018 and will launch YouTube Originals, formerly known as YouTube Red, a streaming service of YouTube’s original film content.

The first trailer had us at the edge of our seats and all signs point to an exciting first season ahead.

We are still waiting on a premiere date but here’s everything else we found out about Origin.

The Creators

Mika Watkins is the mind behind Origin, acting as creator, writer and executive producer on the show. Watkins has a few credits to her name – an episode of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man and Troy: Fall of a City. In other words, she is an unknown property and the chances of this show reflecting a newcomer’s originality are high.

There are some stalwarts from the business behind the show, as well. Andy Harries, Rob Bullock and Suzanne Mackie, producers of Netflix’s The Crown, will also act as executive producers for Origin. They certainly know how to get a following for a show on a streaming service.

The first two episodes will be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, the man behind the Resident Evil films and Event Horizon. We think it is safe to say there will be scares aplenty in these ten episodes.

The Cast

Origin will see a mini Harry Potter reunion take place onscreen! Two of the lead characters will be played by Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, and Natalia Tena, aka Nymphadora Tonks. Even on set, Felton was often called Draco by his fellow castmates (we would do the same thing), even though the characters are nothing alike. Felton’s Origin character is, in fact, American.

Felton and Tena will be joined by fellow Brits Adelayo Adedayo and Fraser James. Australian-Japanese Sen Mitsuji, Nora Arnezeder from France, Spanish actor Belén Fabra and Madalyn Horcher from USA, round up the cast.

According to IMDB’s cast list, the show appears to be a bit short on the diversity front but the first trailer prominently featured Mitsuji and Adedayo, which gives us cause for hope.

The Plot

Tom-Felton-Origin-YouTube Originals
Draco looking anxious? We should be worried! Source: YouTube Originals

This show is a clear indicator that genre mash-ups are here to stay.

A dystopian, futuristic, science-fiction-psychological thriller, Origin follows a spaceship of human settlers trying to move off-world to colonise Thea, another planet with Earth-like properties. The occupants of the ship are given the opportunity to start a new life from scratch, their pasts forgotten.

Unsurprisingly, a large number of humans jump at the chance to start over. Onboard, they are put in cryo-sleep for the journey. But, when 11 of the passengers wake up, they find themselves alone. Or are they?

Where did the rest of the crew go? Why were these 11 left behind? What is happening on the ship? These are all mysteries that they have to solve, all while being picked off one-by-one by an unseen force.

It looks like the show will also eke out the characters’ pasts for audiences to establish why these characters were looking to leave their pasts behind in the first place. The majority of the story will take place aboard the ship with flashbacks to a future Earth, most likely in numerous locations around the world, considering the diversity of the characters.

Think Alien: Covenant meets Cloverfield Paradox, but hopefully better than both, with a dash of Sense8. We cannot wait!

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