Ms Marvel
Ms. Marvel is about to hit the small screen.

Ms. Marvel is about to make her debut into live-action.

Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, was one of three heroes, along with She-Hulk and Moon Knight, announced to have a Disney+ TV series in the works.

Kamala has been a fixture in the comics for quite a few years now, and younger fans will know her from a few animated series and films, such as Marvel Rising. However, some older fans, or perhaps fans who have entered the Marvel Universe through the live-action films alone, may be a little confused.

So, here’s everything you need to know about Kamala Khan, the current Ms. Marvel.

Kamala Khan is not the first Ms. Marvel

Ms Marvel
Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel

A few characters have borne the Ms. Marvel mantle over the years, but by far the most notable one is Carol Danvers. Carol bears the name on and off throughout most of her superhero career.

Carol eventually gives up her old title and takes up the mantle of Captain Marvel in memory of the previous Captain, Mar-Vell.

This left the Ms. Marvel moniker open for the next hero worthy to take it.

Kamala idolises Carol Danvers

Ms. Marvel
Carol protects Kamala.

One day, the young Kamala Khan witnesses Carol Danvers making an extra effort to protect civilian bystanders while battling Yon-Rogg. From that day onwards, Kamala looks to Carol as a role-model.

After Kamala eventually gains powers of her own, she chooses to emulate Carol’s values. Upon meeting her, Carol is both impressed and moved by her efforts, and gives Kamala her full blessing to continue working under the Ms. Marvel title.

Despite a few rough patches, the two maintain a special friendship when they work together.

Kamala Khan is an Inhuman

Ms. Marvel with the Inhuman’s dog, Lockjaw

Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman. She was one of many characters to have long-dormant Inhuman genes activated after exposure to the Terrigen Mists in the ‘Inhumanity’ comic story-line.

Kamala does not let her Inhuman nature define her to the level that some other Inhuman characters do. When teaming up with the teen Cyclops, she does not let the bad blood between Inhumans and mutants affect her new friendship with him.

Ms. Marvel is a shape-shifter

Ms Marvel
Ms. Marvel using her abilities.

Ms. Marvel’s can perform a number of abilities, most fitting under the blanket of shape-shifting.

The most commonly used of her powers is to stretch and enlarge parts of her body. Kamala refers to these abilities as ’embiggening’, most likely to differentiate herself from other heroes with stretching abilities, such as Mr Fantastic. Kamala’s cells are elastic enough that she can use them to alter her appearance. She can sometimes take on the appearance of other people, or even inanimate objects.

Kamala also has a healing factor. However, over-use of this leaves her fatigued, and weakens her other abilities.

Kamala Khan is the leader of her own superhero team

Ms. Marvel
Kamala with the first ‘Champions’ team.

Ms. Marvel, along with other young heroes including Miles Morales, Nova, and Viv Vision, become disillusioned with the actions of the older Avengers in the aftermath of the ‘Civil War II’ storyline. As a result, they leave the Avengers and form their own team, The Champions.

Working under the mantra ‘Change The World’, the Champions aim to battle injustice wherever they find it, rather than simply mobilising for supervillains. Kamala officially took leadership when the team moved ahead with a global expansion in 2019.

Kamala Khan is Marvel’s first major Muslim Superhero

Ms Marvel
The soon-to-be Ms. Marvel visiting a Mosque.

Upon her introduction in 2014, Kamala Khan made history as Marvel’s first major Muslim superhero.

The writers behind the Ms. Marvel comic have been praised for their depiction of the character’s faith. Islam is a vital part of Kamala’s life without completely defining her. She is an average American teenager who just happens to be Muslim.

We can’t wait to see what the MCU has in store for Kamala Khan when Ms. Marvel premieres on Disney+.

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