what to know about Spiderman homecoming
Tom Holland as Spiderman.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has gotten everyone’s spidey senses tingling… in a good way. Here’s what we know about it so far.

In July 2017 the Web-Slinger will hit the silver screen for his seventh movie since 2002! Quite an achievement, and one that not only highlights his prominence in pop culture, but also the confidence the studios have in the property. But not all of the films have been ‘Amazing’. For every Spider-Man 2′(2004), there’s been an Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014). So what do we know about Spider-Man Homecoming so far, and should we be excited? (Hint: Yes).

1 – There won’t be a new origin story in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Five things we know about Spider-Man: Homecoming so far
Birdman… I mean Vulture! Source: Sony Pictures

Both Sam Rami’s and Marc Webb gave us origin stories for the Web-Slinger in 2002 and 2012 respectively. Both versions of these were fine, particularly Rami’s ‘Spider-Man’, which helped kick start today’s superhero obsession.

But I think even the most casual, cave dwelling, pop-culture illiterate homo sapien knows this guy’s origin story. We don’t need it again, and I’d be surprised if Spider-Man: Homecoming mentions it with anything more than just a passing reference.

2 – Civil War

Which brings me to his most recent appearance in Captain America: Civil War, a fantastic movie that introduced us to our youngest Spidey actor yet, Tom Holland. In what was really only a cameo, Marvel Studios tantalised us with glimpse into what they could do with the property.

What I’m trying to say is that, judging by Civil War, one thing we know about Spider-Man Homecoming is that he really has boundless potential. He was seamlessly woven into the MCU with an exciting and dynamic performance that left us (me) crying for more!

3 – It’s Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark o’clock

Five things we know about Spider-Man: Homecoming so far
Happy, the third wheel. Source: Sony Pictures

He’s the centre of the MCU and for good reason. The charismatic Robert Downey Jr. is solely responsible for getting us to where we are today. And if the trailers are indication, he plays no small part in Homecoming. 

His character, Tony Stark, is the most fleshed out of any in the MCU, bringing great depth to every scene, particularly since exorcising his demons in Iron Man 3 (no slight intended – I love that movie. Terry Slattery and all!).

4 – Michael Keaton as The Vulture

Five things we know about Spider-Man Homecoming so far
What’s a Thanos? Source: Sony Pictures

In a case of Art imitating Art (if that’s even a thing? Do you even consider big budget tent-pole films art?… We’ll tackle that another day), the Bird-Man is playing The Vulture. Also a former Batman, Michael Keaton is a seasoned actor who appears to be playing the Vulture as an every-man type, average criminal who stumbled upon some alien tech.

If there’s been a weakness to Marvel Studio’s game, it’s been their villains, who usually struggle to rise above being a standard hero foil, even when they’re an A-lister. The villain set-up in the trailers so far has me intrigued though. The Vulture is not an obvious choice from Spider-Man’s excellent rouges gallery, so they must have an interesting take!

5 – Tom Holland

And finally, a quick word on Tom Holland himself. Ironically, Spider-Man was originally written as a teenage boy (he grew up quick though), but has been played by actors in their mid to late twenties. Tom Holland however looks, acts and is young (he turns 21 this June!). He has great comedic timing as we saw in Civil War, and considering the screenwriters have a primarily comedy background, I think we’re going to be in for a lot of fun. This really has the potential to be hilarious.

So there you have it! Five exciting things you should know about Spider-Man Homecoming so far. Safe to say, we’re pretty effing pumped. Could it be the best Spider-Man yet?

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