The trailer for rom-com Last Christmas has just been  released.

The film was already highly anticipated, due to it being Emilia Clarke’s first leading role since Game Of Thrones concluded. However, now the movie is gaining attention for a different reason.

After seeing the trailer for Last Christmas, viewers have come to the conclusion that it will not be your average romantic comedy. Many are expecting a twist in the film.

Here are the best fan theories about Last Christmas.

1. Kate was the recipient of an organ donation.

Last Christmas
Emilia Clarke as Kate.

Late in the trailer, leading character Kate reveals to her love interest, Tom, that she fell deathly ill at Christmastime the previous year. This reveal is meant to explain a few things about Kate’s character, mostly her lack of Christmas spirit. It also explains why Kate’s boss, played by Michelle Yeoh, continues to employ her despite her diminished enthusiasm for her work. She knows Kate has been through a lot.

While Kate’s exact illness is not revealed in the trailer, fans have theorised that she received an organ donation, most likely a heart. They have come to this conclusion through the fact that the movie is inspired by the songs of George Michael. Specifically, the lyrics that gives the film its title: “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…”

Most of the other theories about the film use this one as their basis.

2. Tom is the relative/significant other of Kate’s organ  donor.

Last Christmas
Henry Golding as Tom.

Beginning with the core theory of Kate having received a donor heart, fans have formed a few theories regarding Henry Golding’s character, Tom.

One of these theories is that Tom is the relative or significant other of Kate’s donor, and has tracked her down to ensure that the heart is not going to waste. At one point in the trailer, Tom claims that his seemingly random first encounter with Kate was not an accident.

If this theory is true, particularly if Tom is the donor’s significant other, it may cause conflict in Tom and Kate’s romance. Kate might be unsure if Tom actually loves her, or if he is just with her to stay close to his past love’s heart.

3. Tom is the ghost of Kate’s donor.

Is Kate seeing dead people?

Another popular theory is that Tom is a ghost.

Last Christmas, he gave Kate his heart, literally. The theory is not quite as crazy as it might sound. In nearly every scene in which Tom appears in the trailer, he is wearing the same outfit. Also, he does not directly interact with anyone except Kate.

If this theory proves true, Last Christmas is headed for a tearjerker ending.

4. Tom is an actual angel.

Tom and Kate.

Finally, we have the theory that Tom is really an angel.

Aside from only interacting with Kate, and declaring that their meeting is not an accident, this theory is supported by the tagline on the film’s poster. ‘It’s a wonderful life’, with the word ‘wonderful’ crossed out.

This has led some fans to believe that the plot will be a take on the classic Christmas film, It’s a Wonderful Life. Tom is an angel-in-training there to convince Kate to make the most of her second chance at life.

This plot would probably also lead to a tearjerker ending, or at least a bittersweet one.

We’ll get to see if any of these theories are correct when Last Christmas hits theatres in November.