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The official trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World has been released. The most significant aspect the trailer shows is that there’s at least one more “fury” out there.

The dazzling snow-white dragon discovered in the upcoming 2019 movie is dubbed a “light fury,” by Astrid anyway. The light fury is a female. Thus, Toothless is not the only Night Fury left. Plus, he’s now able to try impress his new lady friend.

Key Relationships

This boy meets girl scenario seems to be, from first glance, one of the strongest aspects the third film in the series has to offer. In fact, much of the plot deserves delving into character development, even finalisation in some areas.

Hiccup and Astrid have been going steady since the first film released in 2010.

In real time then, that means they’ve been dating for about eight years. For most healthy couple relationships, such a long period with no finalisation is kind of unrealistic. Get married already! (And invite me to the wedding).

Even if this isn’t the last movie of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, Astrid and Hiccup’s relationship really needs closure of some kind. And this should be a happy ending.

Meanwhile, as one love relationship begins to get set in stone, we’ll be seeing another just getting started. Toothless’s eagerness to impress his new-found mate really comes off, but probably not the way he’d like it to. It just looks weird, goofy really. And this provides some comic relief, which goes over well in kids movies.

Toothless’s bizarre dance moves remind me of those kooky courtship moves of the birds of paradise you see on Planet Earth. Hopefully, our dragon hero doesn’t make a complete goof of himself in the eyes of his female counterpart.

More Moments We’d Like to See in the Third Film

Light and Night. Source:

As far as other character development goes, Hiccup’s mum (who’s not even pictured in the trailer) deserves to be a main figure in this story. Hiccup should get to know his mum. It’s just that simple.

Of course, the Dreamworks writers could do something like they did for Madagascar 3 in which the main character’s parents (who he’d just met in the prior film) are absent. They don’t even get a nod.

Hiccup’s mum ought to appear even if it’s only in something as minor as a flashback. It’s a simple request.

One of the captions appearing in the official trailer hails it as the “epic conclusion.” Even though it says that, it doesn’t mean this is the last we see of the franchise. It’s been a popular one. Apart from the movies, fans have seen the production of several mini-features and TV series. Don’t forget the original movie was turned into a stage performance featuring large animatronic dragons.

Hiccup and Friends. Source: Screen Rant.

It’s been quite successful. So the odds of yet another movie are optimistic. The dozen children’s books by author Cressida Cowell on which the stories are loosely based can provide a lot of starting material for many more film sequels. Who knows? There eventually might be more movies than books!

From what we see of him in the trailer, the villain of the Hidden World film is not going to live up to the creepiness, boldness, and lunacy of Drago, the rather dark arch villain of How to Train Your Dragon 2.

So like I said, the character development is likely to be the film’s strong suit. And I’d like to see that. I just want to know more about this light fury!

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