Eduardo is the Product Marketing Coordinator at Alienware

 As Alienware prepared for PAX, Australia, we wanted to get the scoop on what the marketing team thought of Australia, the future of the VR industry, Eduardos own background at the company, and the future of Alienware.

How are you finding PAX Australia and how does it compare with the US?

The Australian attendees of PAX are every bit as passionate as the US. The questions are very often highly technical product questions, which is interesting and it’s great to have a savvy audience approaching us here.

What’s the future of gaming and do you see VR becoming a dominant form of gameplay in the near future?

Our goal at Alienware is to deliver the most immersive experience possible. VR helps with this, and we are committed to VR but the complexity of functions you can achieve with a keyboard or controller are quite high and PC gaming culture is anchored strong with keyboards and mice. Whilst VR is coming along, it’s not on that same level yet but it’s still a relatively young technology.

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You’ve just launched Alienware M15, what can you tell us about that?

The M15 launched on Friday in Australia. It features the thinnest Alienware design ever. We’re launching and showcasing it from PAX Australia, TwitchCon, ESL One Hamburg, and For Games 2018.  It’s got exceptionally long battery life and as always is built using premium materials and has some very impressive power. (for full details on the M15 you can click here)

How did you become Project Marketing Coordinator at Alienware?

I’ve been here for almost 15 years now.  I was a gamer and needed a job. I was hired into the marketing team, with my focus being on helping out the sales team for a premium ALX brand that we had just launched.  Since then I joined the online merchandising team, then ran seasonal campaigns, and finally joined the product messaging and go-to-market team, representing Alienware full time.  It’s been an exciting and wonderful journey.

What’s your approach to marketing an Alienware product?

How we market has changed a lot since I started. Our community and social approaches are much more developed and now we also invested into eSports.  Partnering with various teams and enabling them at events as well as their road towards competitions.  We are seeing a great relationship with Team Liquid, and naturally, if the pros are happy to use Alienware in their competitions, we’re on the right track.

What’s next for Alienware?

We’ll continue to evolve, and evolve with users of Alienware. We have 4 brand tenets including Innovation, High Performance, Premium Quality and Iconic Design which will continue to be at the core of what we do.

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