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We interviewed Joshua Lerner, the art director of up-and-coming comic-book and game development company Source Point Press, at Comicpalooza 2018.

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Josh Lerner at Comicpalooza 2018. Source: Digital Fox.

Hey Joshua. Tell us a little about yourself and your company.

I am Joshua Lerner the art director of Source Point Press. We primarily work in horror and sci-fi – a little bit in steampunk fantasy pulp noir. But primarily horror and sci-fi is our bread and butter, and seems to be what our fans are loving the most right now.

So you don’t do a lot of the regular superhero stuff?

That’s true, we don’t do very much with superheroes. But when we do bring in some supernatural abilities or powers they tend to have a unique twist on them that you don’t generally see in the superhero market.

When did the company get started and what are some of the multimedia projects Source Point is involved in?

We were founded in late 2012, and we really started expanding in about 2014. Since then we’ve launched an immense line of both prose novels and comics and graphic novels.

And we are starting to move into movies and games as well. Right now we have we have one movie completely finished based on one of our graphic novels, ‘Rotten Tail’, that will be coming out this October, and we have another movie moving into pre-production based on another one of our comic books, ‘Monstrous’, by Greg Wright.

And a couple of surprises in the gaming industry coming up that we can’t quite announce yet, but we’re really really excited.

What future projects and direction are Source Point going to be involved with?

The future is bright for sure. We kind of have one-foot in licensing right now, so we’re working with some really cool licenses, including Evil Dead 2, which is fantastic.

We just completed a craft book that’s on the market and are hoping to possibly do more with that license or our similar ones.

We’re also bringing our creator-owned titles up to the next level, working with some of the most fantastic minds in the industry – ones that you’ve never heard of but soon will, and ones that you’ve heard of many many times, such as Andy Schmidt, who runs Comics Experience – a fantastic online school for people looking to make comic books. We published ‘Achilles Inc’, which was one of his titles. It’s fantastic to work with such a legend in the industry.

So you’re in partnership with Comics Experience. This is a school for those wanting to get into the industry?

Yes, we absolutely love our new partnership with Comics Experience. Some of the greatest freshest talent is being mentored by Andy Schmidt himself. They’re coming out with brand new skills, brand new ideas. And you know they’re doing it right because they’ve gone through this process, they’ve gone through Comics Experience.

It gives us direct access to fantastic creators that are up-and-coming and going to be really taking the industry by storm. So we’re really excited to be seeing such pure quality content from people you probably haven’t heard of yet.

Sounds great. With the over-saturation and superhero fatigue setting in on fandom, do you think that small press companies like yours offer an alternative?

That’s a great question. I really do believe we’re offering an alternative to what you’re seeing on ninety percent of the comic book store shelves. If you’re a fan of just good storytelling and you want to see something a little bit fresh, things that aren’t being done nearly enough in comic books, we are that alternative.

At the same time we serve as a really good introduction to comic books for people who want to read comics but don’t know where to start. Because we focus on graphic novels and miniseries, you don’t have to dive into massive company-wide crossovers that require reading over a hundred comic books to get a complete idea of a story. You don’t find any of that here – everything’s real bite-sized and really easy and ready to jump into.

So we are definitely doing something a little bit different than what you see with most superhero titles for sure.

Thank you for your time, sir.

Thank you, appreciate it!

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