Lost In Space Season 2 has finally dropped a new trailer that has left fans excited for more!

Inspired by the 60s series of the same name, Lost In Space proved a surprise hit for Netflix in 2018. The show was a rare and special reboot that managed to honour the spirit of the original while also telling its own unique story.

However, the trailer for Lost In Space Season 2 suggests that the show is taking a little more inspiration from the original in its second run.

A scaled-back cast

The cast of Lost In Space.

The original Lost In Space had a small cast, featuring just the Robinson family, heroic pilot Don West, and the cowardly stowaway Doctor Smith.

Season one of the reboot added a few more supporting players, with a full new colony embarking on the trip into space. We had the scientific Watanabes, and the upper class Dhar Family. The Dhar patriarch, Victor, is supposed to be the leader of the colony, while his son, Vijay, was a short-lived love interest for Penny Robinson.

In the final episode of season one, the Robinson’s ship, Jupiter 2, is separated from the rest of the colony. So far, promotional material for the second season has shown only the Robinsons, Doctor Smith, Don West, and the Robot. Basically, the core cast of the original Lost In Space.

The allegiance of The Robot

The Robot.

One of the most iconic characters from the original Lost In Space was The Robot. Initially reprogrammed by Dr. Smith to serve him, the plan backfires when The Robot develops a personality and befriends Will Robinson. While Smith and The Robot become a humorous double-act, its loyalties remain with Will for most of the series.

The origins of the reboot’s Robot are a little more complicated. Originally, it is part of a squad sent to destroy the human colony. When it is damaged while chasing Will, its original programming is scrambled. Will repairs it, gaining him the Robot’s loyalty.

Will later reluctantly destroys The Robot out of fear its original programming could return and cause a danger to the colony. Long coveting The Robot’s power, Doctor Smith fixes it in the hope of using it for her own means. Ultimately, however, The Robot allies itself back with Will. In the first season finale, The Robot apparently sacrifices itself to save the Robinsons from a member of its former squad.

The trailer suggests that part of second season’s plot will be devoted to finding The Robot. Once they do, its loyalties will most likely remain with Will, as they did in the original. Another season of ‘is The Robot good or evil’ could get a bit repetitive. The problem the Robinsons will face is that The Robot is not the only one of its kind, and not all are as friendly as Will’s.

Doctor Smith is bad news

Lost In Space Season 2
Doctor Smith sinks her claws into will.

In the sixties Lost In Space, though the Robinsons learned to tolerate Doctor Smith, they knew from the beginning that he could not always be trusted. His stowing away and throwing off the weight of their ship is the reason they become lost in the first place.

In the reboot, Doctor Smith is not ‘Doctor Smith’ at all. She is June Harris, a troubled woman who manipulated her way into the colony by stealing her sister’s identity. When discovered, she uses the chaos of The Robot’s attack to steal the real Doctor Smith’s identity, and a place on one of the evacuation ships. The Robinsons spend most of Season 1 believing Smith is a friend and ally. Smith manipulates nearly every family member with bad advice until her treachery is finally revealed.

Like in the original, the Robinsons will begin Lost In Space Season 2 knowing that Doctor Smith can’t be trusted. However, lost with no one to rely on but each other, the time will likely come when they must trust her anyway.

The Robinsons are now officially lost

Lost In Space Season 2
Lost: The Robinson Family

The original series was just what you’d expect based on the title. The Robinson family are lost in space, struggling to return to Earth.

Despite the Lost In Space title, the Robinsons are not technically lost during the reboot’s first season. The Robot attack does force them to land on a planet they know little about, but it does appear on their space charts, so they do have some idea of where they are.

This changes in the finale of the first season when, as mentioned earlier, the Robinson’s ship is separated from the rest of the colony’s fleet. They also appear to have lost contact. This leaves the Robinsons, Don West, and Doctor Smith truly ‘lost in space’, just as they were in the original series.

With all this in mind, we can expect a slightly different show when Lost In Space Season 2 hits Netflix in December. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Robinsons and their companions.