Spanish heist series Money Heist proved a surprising  hit for Netflix in 2017.

The first two seasons of Money Heist, known as La Casa De Papel in Spain, followed a lovable gang of criminals as they pulled a massive, intricately planned heist on the Royal Mint of Spain.

Season three saw the crew turn their sights on the Bank Of Spain, as part of a plan to retrieve their captured companion, Rio, from the clutches of the Spanish government.

While Rio was safely returned, things soon went pear shaped. Multiple lives were left hanging in the balance as season 3 drew to a close.

Thankfully, Money Heist season 4 is already in production. Here’s the biggest questions we’ll need answered when the new season arrives.

1.Will Nairobi survive her gunshot wound?

Money Heist
Nairobi’s life hangs in the balance.

Fans were left shocked in the final episode of season three, as evil negotiator Inspector Sierra enacts a plot to attack the robbers at their heart.

Sierra lured Nairobi to the Bank window with a chance to see her young son, Axel. As soon as Nairobi comes into view, she is shot in the chest by a sniper.

The rest of the crew rush to try and stop the bleeding, but it’s not looking good. Nairobi asks Helsinki to make sure Axel gets her share of the money from the mint heist, then passes out.

If Nairobi dies, this will prove a massive blow to the group. She is a much needed level head among the explosive personalities of the others.

2.How long will it take for The Professor to discover  Raquel is alive?

Money Heist
The Professor and Raquel were living peacefully before Rio’s capture.

One of the most beloved elements of Money Heist’s first two seasons was the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ style relationship between Sergio Marquina, aka The Professor, and Inspector Raquel Murillo. The Professor, of course, is the mastermind behind the heist crew, while Raquel was the Police Negotiator in charge of the Mint heist.

In season three, Raquel, along with her mother and daughter, are happily living in hiding with The Professor. Their idyllic existence is shattered when Tokyo arrives with news of Rio’s capture. Raquel joins the group for the bank heist, taking on the code name ‘Lisbon’.

In the season three finale, Sierra pulls one of The Professor’s own moves against him, tricking him into believing the Police have executed Raquel. Heartbroken, The Professor orders the crew to ‘go to war’ with the military forces approaching the bank.

How long it takes The Professor to discover Raquel is alive could have a big impact on the next season, probably dictating just how far the ‘war’ will go.

3.Can Tokyo and Rio keep it together long enough to  complete the Heist?

Money Heist
Tokyo and Rio share an intimate moment during The Professor’s training camp.

Throughout the first two seasons, Tokyo proves to be the unpredictable wildcard of the crew. Rio, blinded by his love for Tokyo, proves just as problematic at times.

The entire plot of season three is sparked by Tokyo becoming bored of the island paradise she shares with Rio. Tokyo embarks on a solo party trip, and Rio is captured when he tries to call her with a satellite phone.

Thankfully, the crew reunites to rescue Rio. Unfortunately, Rio then makes the stupid decision to dump Tokyo immediately after his rescue. This sends Tokyo into a bender that leaves her in a bad mindset when the heist starts to go wrong.

Can the unpredictable pair pull together for long enough to complete the remainder of the plan?

4. What crazy scheme will Arturo pull next?

Money Heist
Arturo in season one.

Royal Mint manager Arturo Roman was a thorn in the the side of our heroes throughout the first heist. He sewed discontent among the other hostages, and constantly plotted against the crew.

Season three shows Arturo using his position as a ‘Hero’ of the heist to spark a new career as a motivational speaker. Later, he is called in by the police to give information on the crew. Just before the crew close the door after admitting Rio to the bank, Arturo races in, probably hoping to boost his profile with more ‘heroics’.

The season ends before Arturo can cause too much trouble, but he probably has at least one more misguided plan up his sleeve before the series ends.

5. Where is Berlin’s girlfriend, Tatiana?

Money Heist.
Berlin introduces The Professor to Tatiana.

Multiple flashbacks throughout season three emphasise that the bank heist is actually the deceased Berlin’s plan, rather than The Professor’s.

In one of these flashbacks, we are introduced to Tatiana, Berlin’s then girlfriend. The Professor scolds Berlin when he learns that he has told Tiana of their heist plans, both for the mint, and the bank.

This means that there is a character floating around with full knowledge of what the crew is doing. A show as intricate as Money Heist would not hang a plot thread like this without a reason. The big question is, when Tatiana inevitably shows up, will she be working with The Professor, or against him?

Fans are already forming theories on Tatiana’s whereabouts. These range from Tatiana already being inside the bank as a hostage, to her actually being Inspector Sierra herself. The latter theory is gaining popularity, as it explains how Sierra manages to stay ahead of The Professor in a way Raquel never managed.

Hopefully, all our questions will be answered when the show returns. Money Heist season four is currently in production. It will most likely air early to mid 2020.