x files season 11

BREAKING NEWS: Earlier in 2017 a ‘Lone Gunman’ hacked into the FBI database and leaked out sensitive information dealing with two FBI agents. The hacker is back with details on the same two FBI agents, along with a conspiracy of alien life. The disclosed information has another FBI agent, who may be involved in the plot.

People involved in the alien conspiracy, in one form or another, are: Chris Carter,  Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, James Wong, FBI Special Agent Dana Scully, FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, FBI Agent Einstein, FBI Agent Miller, former Assistant Director and Deputy Director of the FBI, Walter Skinner, FBI Agent Monica Reyes, and possibly FBI Special Agent John Doggett.

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x-files season 11
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And CGB Spender, AKA The Cigarette Smoking Man or Cancer Man. He is known to have a son name Jeffrey Spender (who happens to be Fox Mulder’s half-brother) and a wife, Cassandra Spender.

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There are others involved in this conspiracy. The ‘Lone Gunman’ hacker has yet to release that information.

The hacker mentions there will be additional video footage being releasing in 2018. The hacker is planning to hack the Fox Network to interrupt their regularly scheduled programming to show the world this video footage, which the hack will air over a ten-week span. But when this will happen is unknown at this time.


The last time video footage was leaked, via the Fox Network, was in January of 2016 and the interruption lasted for five weeks. Before the 2016 disruption, videos were linked via the Fox Network from 1993 through 2002. The footages were aired between the months of November (at times they started in September or October) and May.

You can see these FBI leaked videos via Hulu. Amazon gives you the chance to watch these leaked footages, including the leaked footage from 2016, but they come at a price.

There are two additional video footages, one released in the summer of 1998, and the other released in the summer of 2008. Both these footages can be found at Amazon, but for a price.

Book cover courtesy of Amazon. Comic-book cover courtesy of IDW

There have been other leaks through-out the years, not just in video, but in paper form. Documents leaked via IDW and other publishing sites as comic books and novels.

In 1997, Fox Interactive leaked sensitive information via video game for Windows and Macintosh. In 1998, Greg Roach leaked information via a video game on Microsoft Windows and other platforms. The game was developed by Hyperbole Studios.

In 2004, Thomas Schnauz and Black Ops Entertainment leaked information via PlayStation 2. In 2014, IDW developed a board game to help people understand the leaked footages, by getting into the minds of those who are involved. In 1996-1997 information was spread via collectible cards from Duncan Macdonell and Ron Kent through US Playing Card Company. In 1997, the arcade was a suitable place to find leaked information, thanks to SEGA.

The leaked video footage gives us some indication of what we may see in 2018. Will our questions be answered? Is the truth out there? What will happen to those who are listed as being involved in the conspiracy of alien life? Will the torch be handed off, or will the X-Files be shut down permanently?
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