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The Bethesda E3 launch revealed what we will see in Rage 2, a sneak peak of what is included in the Rage 2 Collectors Edition, and more.

The launch for Rage 2, the (naturally) second instalment in the post apocalyptic action franchise, kicked off with Andrew W.K performing an enthusiastic – if not confusing  -performance of a punk rock song.

After setting the mood for the anarchist, rebellious nature of Rage 2 we witnessed a trailer, game play, and then a preview of what you might find in the Rage 2 Collectors Edition.

The collaboration between Avalanch Studios and id Sofware presents what looks like a thrilling, diverse universe to explore and destroy.

What is included in the Rage 2 Collectors Edition?

If you have a love for decapitated talking mutant heads, then today is your lucky day!

‘Ruckus the Crusher’ talking head comes with the Rage 2 Collectors Edition. You can mount him over your bed and he can watch you while you sleep.

Other items include an exclusive poster, a steelbook featuring in-game graffiti, and a variety of digital content.

Some of the in-game content includes the BFG from Doom, Rise of the Ghosts Expansion (which presumably will be a purchasable option otherwise), an extra mission, and various skins and in-game items.

Maybe if you get the Fallout 76 Power Armour Edition you can cover Ruckus the Crusher in the T-51 Power helmet?

When is Rage 2 released?

Rage 2 has been scheduled for a Spring 2019 release. Yes, I’m afraid you have until next year to get your hands on Rage 2 and that big talking mutant head.

You can see more about Rage 2 Collectors Edition here.

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