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NOOOOOOOOOO. Source: Marvel.

Don’t know how to deal with all those Avengers: Infinity War deaths? We have a few simple solutions to help you cope… at least until Avengers 4 is released.

Avengers: Infinity War left many fans ‘shook’ with its deadly final act. Many felt that the blow would be softened by the fact that in superhero films nobody really stays dead… do they?

That small hope seems to have been dashed as the film’s writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, confirmed that some favourites would definitely stay dead. They even requested fans to move on to the next stage in the grieving process.

This is sounding pretty real, you guys! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has revolutionised the superhero film genre with relatable and loveable characters. How can fans move on from these devastating losses?

Never fear, Digital Fox is here to help! We have found five ways to help you overcome your grief for Avengers: Infinity War. Depending on your levels of sorrow, any one, or all of them, should work. Should…

1 – Watch all the MCU movies and pretend Infinity War never happened

There are so many films! Source: Time Out

The MCU is absolutely massive. Infinity War arrived after 18 films, spanning a decade. That’s a lot! Let’s take advantage of that in the wake of the devastation that Infinity War has wrought.

It’s time to break out your blu-rays, your Netflix account, or whatever it is you use for entertainment, and re-watch all the 18 films up until Infinity War (here’s a handy guide from Collider on the order of watching the films). Journey through Tony Stark’s selfish streak in Iron Man to his less selfish streak in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Laugh out loud with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Drool over the beauty that is Black Panther.

Each film is roughly two hours long so you could spend about three days straight watching all of them back to back. Or, stagger it – watch a film every night for a slow-releasing healing process.

There is so much to enjoy that it will dull the pain of Thanos’ snap… which never happened because we’re totally going to ignore Infinity War’s existence now. Why are you snivelling?

2 – Watch hilarious bloopers videos

Yes, we are all crying into our handkerchiefs right now, but let us try and remember the good old days when your favourite MCU characters weren’t dying onscreen. Turn that frown upside-down and watch some hilarious blooper videos from MCU films gone by.

Here’s Total Film’s collection of the MCU’s best bloopers for starters:

Or, check out the hilarity that ensued on the Captain America: Civil War set:

Add some extra joy to your life with the Thor: Ragnarok bloopers:

3 – Watch the Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer for a good laugh

We definitely missed Ant-Man, the Wasp and Hawkeye in Infinity War. There are endless memes about what they were doing while the rest of the Avengers were dying. Well, we should find out soon enough, but until then, we still have a lot of tears to shed for our fallen heroes.

Why not take a break from the tears of sorrow? Instead, let the tears of joy flow while watching the trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp.

It doesn’t completely dull the pain of our great losses – oh, so many losses – but it is still a welcome distraction. Maybe watch it a couple times more, just in case someone’s cutting onions nearby.

4 – Or, have a good cry with these angst-ridden MCU videos

You know, sometimes laughter isn’t the best medicine. You need to get that pain out and tears are the answer. Well, talented MCU fans have just the answer to your angst-ridden prayers.

This video, expertly edited by YouTube user Voordeel, is a fantastic montage of MCU action scenes. It was meant to be a thrilling setup for Infinity War but it works equally well to fuel your rage and despair.

There’s also YouTube user Gitty’s MCU video, aptly titled ‘Pain’, set to Imagine Dragon’s ‘Believer’, which is a montage of the saddest moments from the MCU. It will definitely help stoke the anguish within.

And, to see how much the Avengers can accomplish, take a look at YouTube user Top Screen’s MCU tribute, ‘Rise Up’. It has all those ‘hell yeah’ moments of the Avengers winning fights and coming out on top. It presses all the right buttons for your sad, scarred soul.

5 – Read some fix-it fics by fellow distressed fans

What we didn’t feel like doing after Infinity War. Source: Giphy

The great thing about Marvel fans is how quickly they jump to each others’ rescue. Following the devastation of Infinity War, a whole host of fans took to fan-fiction websites like Archive of Our Own to write fix-it fics, a sub-genre of the Alternate Universe genre.

Fix-it fics are usually written when fans feel let-down by a particular plot-line, but it is most often used to ‘correct’ character relationships or resurrect dead characters. In the case of Infinity War, that’s a lot of dead characters to resurrect and the fans have been up to the challenge.

These fix-its are essentially ‘what if’ stories, such as what if Hawkeye and Ant-Man were part of the fight and saved the day? What if Starlord had never attacked Thanos and they had got the glove off? What if Thor had gone for Thanos’ head?

There are endless moments in the film that could have turned the tide against Thanos and fan-fiction writers are here to exploit it. In fact, a quick search for ‘Infinity War Fix-It’ on Archive of Our Own yields over 700 results! So, if you are in despair, this is definitely the place to go.

We hope our coping mechanisms help cure some of your Infinity War woes. It won’t solve the problem, and definitely won’t bring our Avengers back, but hey, at least you’ll get a good laugh (or cry) out of it! Right? Right!?

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