Spider-Man is back in the MCU
Spidey is back!

Marvel fans everywhere are celebrating the fact that Spider-Man is back in the MCU.

Only last month, it seemed as if Marvel Studios had lost Peter Parker forever, with Disney and Sony unable to agree on new terms.

Now, however, the two companies have struck a deal, putting Spider-Man back in the MCU stable for at least two more films.

While fans are very happy with this news, they probably shouldn’t be celebrating too much just yet. Spidey’s return may not be permanent.

The new deal only covers two more films

Spider-Man back in the MCU
Spidey’s return might not last.

As mentioned above, the agreement reached covers two more films: A third solo Spider-Man film, and probably one more team-up. Some fans are hoping this is a stop-gap deal while bigger things are being negotiated.

Unfortunately, this is probably not likely.

With only two films, the new Spider-Man deal doesn’t seem like something either Sony or Disney are looking to carry too far into the future.

Instead, the deal seems more like a simple courtesy for both sides. It will allow the MCU the opportunity to complete their Spidey trilogy, while saving Sony the problems that could occur from ignoring the MCU’s events in their own future films.

Sony is still moving ahead with their own plans for  Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man back in the MCU.
Venom could meet Spider-Man sometime soon.

One of Sony’s biggest frustrations with the original Disney deal was the restrictions placed against including Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in their own Spider-Verse films. This caused Sony issues when planning the Venom movie. Venom’s design and backstory both needed to be altered in the absence of Spider-Man.

In the new deal, these restrictions have either been reduced or removed. Tom Holland’s rumored appearance in the Venom sequel seems increasingly likely. There’s also been talk of Holland’s Spidey appearing in animated form in the Into the Spider-Verse sequel.

Sony is also moving ahead with their own Spider-Verse movies

Spider-Man back in the MCU.
Madame Web is the latest villain in line for a film.

Aside from the Venom sequel, films based on Morbius, Kraven The Hunter, and Madame Web are in various stages of production at Sony. A film about the Sinister Six is also on the cards.

However, the Sinister Six are a group of villains whom unite to fight Spider-Man. Without Spidey, there doesn’t seem to be a point to a Sinister Six movie. Luckily, the wheels are in motion for Spider-Man to be back fully under their control relatively soon, only this time, they are going about it the right way.

As Kevin Feige has said, the Sony/Disney agreement was never meant to last forever. At least now, if it ends, it has the chance to end on a high. If these two films are the last, at least they will give the MCU the chance to finish the Spider-Man story it wanted to tell. Meanwhile, Sony build a new universe worthy for Tom Holland’s Spidey to move into.

MCU fans will probably still have to say goodbye to Spider-Man, but it should, hopefully, be an easier goodbye.

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