King Faisal and Yoda

When the United Nations was founded, it was a historic moment. But you might not know that Master Yoda was present.

In fact, according to a history book, King Faisal and Yoda were sitting next to each other during its foundation. The Saudi government is now desperately trying to withdraw the history textbook that had been printed with a doctored photograph of King Faisal and Yoda sitting together.

The photograph used is the work of Abdullah al-Sheri, a 26-year-old Saudi artist. When asked, the Saudi education minister, Ahmed al-Eissa said they regretted “the inadvertent error”. The ministry has already begun printing a corrected copy, and withdrawing the previous versions.

When contacted by the New York Times, Mr Abdullah al-Sheri stated “I am the one who designed it, but I am not the one who put it in the book.”

Yoda was not sitting next to the king.
Yoda was not sitting next to the king. Source: LucasArts

Yoda of course, is a famous fictional character from Star Wars, one of the largest grossing movie sagas of all time.

He was not at the United Nations launch, although I am sure he would have been a great asset to the leader there.

Mr Sheri clearly agrees, and he mentions that when he was producing the unusual doctored image he was thinking that the king “was wise and always strong in his speeches,” and that he found Yoda was “the closest character to the king”.

history book yoda
Yoda’s wisdom carries through into the classroom in a misprint. Source:

The misprint was spotted in Beirut, Lebanon, where high school students opened their history books to find the great Jedi Master himself.

You can see other work by Mr Sheri, fondly nicknamed Shaweesh here. Mr. Shehri had previously presented the work in galleries in Dubai, Houston and Aspen, Colo.

It’s still unclear how exactly his work ended up in a history study aid, but the investigation continues. Sounds like they could use a little of The Force.

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