Scrambling for Star Wars cosplay ideas for the premiere of The Last Jedi? We’ve got your back.

The Last Jedi, the eighth film in the beloved Star Wars franchise, will soon hit theatres. What will you wear to view the premiere? Or rather, who will you be?

We’re here to make that decision a bit easier for you. The following Star Wars cosplay items will allow you to easily and affordably take on the persona of everyone’s favourite new faces from 2015’s The Force Awakens – Rey, Finn, BB-8, or Poe Dameron.

1 – Poe’s Jacket, or Finn’s

Are you more of the daring Resistance fighter X-wing pilot, or the First Order defector type? The choice is yours with this leather replica jacket from Film Jackets.

star wars cosplay ideas
Star Wars Cosplay, Finn. [Credit: Disney] [Credit: Film Jacket]
In the film, Poe’s jacket is all that can be found of him after a catastrophic TIE fighter crash. Finn assumes that Poe is dead, and unknowingly embarks on the mission that will save the Resistance. When they meet again, Poe tells Finn to keep the jacket.

“That’s my jacket…no, no, no, no, keep it. It suits you. You’re a good man, finn.”

– Poe dameron, Star Wars: The Force awakens

Pair this genuine leather jacket with a black shirt and black pants in order to impersonate Finn, or a tan shirt, brown pants, and tall, dark boots to become Poe Dameron. It’s even available in ladies’ sizes!

2 – BB-8 – Robotic Cosplay for All

How do you dress yourself as a short, round, metallic co-star? With a hoodie, of course! This BB-8 hoodie from Fan Jackets is available in sizes extra small to XXX Large. It’ll fit the whole family, men and women, children and adults.

BB-8 Cosplay
Star Wars Cosplay, BB-8. [Credit: Fan Jackets] [Credit: Disney]
BB-8’s orange logo is printed on the front, back, and elbows in imitation of his round form. Put up the hood, and the outfit is complete.

3 – Rey’s Wrist Bands

Rey is the Katniss Everdeen of Star Wars. She’s tough, no damsel in distress. To make your own Rey costume, wrap yourself in a white or beige bed sheet toga-style, and secure it with a brown leather belt. Pair it with these handmade leather bracelets, and you’re ready for action!

Rey's Wrist Bands
Star Wars Cosplay, Rey. [Credit: Sexy Death Party on Etsy]

4 – A Nod to the Late, Great Carrie Fisher

When The Last Jedi hits theatres, almost a year will have passed since the news broke about the death of everyone’s favourite spacefaring princess, Carrie Fisher. No doubt many cosplay-ready fans will dress as Princess Leia in tribute during the film’s debut. What could be more quintessential than the “honey bun” hairstyle from the original 1977 film?

Of course, most of us don’t have enough hair to pull that one off au naturale. In fact, if the legends are correct, that look required miles and miles of hair extensions. Thanks to the artists at Etsy, however, that’s no longer a problem.

If your little one is coming with you to see her first Star Wars movie in theatres, why not keep her warm (probably more necessary in the Northern Hemisphere) with this adorable “Princess Leia buns” baby cap. That’s cute, but does it come in my size? Yes, it does.

star wars cosplay ideas
[Credit: Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox] [Credit: SuSannaSBoutique on Etsy] [Credit: hooksnkissescrochet on Etsy]
Pair this crochet cap with your favourite white dress, and you’re good to go in classic Star Wars style.

Did we miss any amazing Star Wars cosplay options that you’ll be wearing to the premiere? If so, tell us about it – and maybe even post a photo – in the comments section.

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