Okay guys, so it’s pretty common knowledge that Disney and Fox have struck a deal, entailing the rights of the Fantastic 4, X-Men, and related characters.

This means in the future we will see said characters in the current MCU. Here are a few potential storylines we would love to see. And I suppose I should issue a spoiler warning for the comics.

X-Men vs Avengers

Okay so I KNOW this won’t happen for like ten years down the track or whatever, but how FREAKIN AWESOME WOULD IT BE. This event took place in the comics in 2012, when the Phoenix Force was on a cosmic collision course for Earth. Hope Summers, (Think of her as a Jean Grey if you don’t know her) is believed to absorb the Phoenix Force by the X-Men, bringing a new age to Mutant kind, and redeem them. The Avengers however, think it will spell the end of all existence on Earth.

This would be a Civil War 2.0… Who’s side are you on? Source: Marvel Comics

One of the biggest comic book events of all time, fans would love to see this arc. It incorporates many of the current Avengers (And then some) as well as most of the X-Men. Characters such as the Kree join the fray, which are currently a heavy influence in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

However the comic includes the likes of Captain America, Ironman and Thor, Marvel’s so-called ‘Trinity.’ There is almost no doubt that some, if not all of these characters will not see the end of Avengers 4. I know guys, it’s depressing stuff, but it is reality… Or is it?

Could Disney and Fox finally get Fantastic 4 right?

I swear, if Marvel SOMEHOW manage to screw up the Fantastic 4 like Fox have done so in the past, no one will ever attempt the franchise ever again. Like, it’s had four failed attempts at a movie, and one of them was never even released.

About time they get these guys right! Source: Marvel Comics

But if Marvel can at long last successfully produce a good Fantastic Four movie, will it actually do well, given the franchise has had such an appalling run? I’d like to think if it is a good movie, the financial return should reflect that.

It wouldn’t be impossible to set up the 4 after the fourth Avengers film. With the movies set to take a cosmic side in phase four, a space mission gone wrong isn’t such a bad origin, it’s the rest of the movie they need to get right…

House of M

Written in 2005, this insanely popular comic was another crossover between X-Men and Avengers. Scared of Scarlet Witch’s near infinite power, they plot how they plan to deal with her. Her brother Quicksilver, convinces her both sides are out to kill her. So, Scarlet Witch, currently portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen, creates a whole new reality, where mutants reign supreme.

Wolverine is the only one to remember what the world used to be, and, dealing with Magneto ruling over the USA, he tracks down his teammates in order to undo this error in reality. Before it is undone, however, she takes away 99% of all mutant powers…

Secret Wars

Overlapping the House of M storyline, Secret Wars basically includes the idea of the multiverse, and that there are infinite universes and realities, each slightly different from the other. It has been confirmed in Dr. Strange that the MCU is one of many, and will reportedly be further explored in Antman and the Wasp.

It involves a wide array of heroes from both the X-Men and Avengers, as well as S.H.I.E.L.D, which could be good enough reason to get Coulson and his team off the small screen.

Forget about worlds colliding… We’re talking whole universes. Source: Marvel Comics

However it is the concept of universes colliding together that Marvel may use to get the X-men and Avengers to meet.

Other hopes for the MCU are that the Spidey/Deadpool bromance is done right, and that Magneto is revealed to be Wanda’s father, despite her origin already been changed drastically in the MCU.

In short, this Disney and Fox deal could set up the next phase of the MCU. We can only hope some of these stories appear on the big screen. What was once only ever going to be a dream for fans, is now set to become a reality.

On behalf of all fans, thank you Disney and Fox. For more on potential villains the MCU could find itself dealing with, click here! Or here, for what the acquisition of X-men and F4 means for MCU!