Sylvester Stallone is done with Rocky

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone has claimed he is finished with the character. Several generations of fans and the Internet culture have shown their disappointment in the farewell to a beloved icon.

Stallone Was the Real Stallion

Sylvester Stallone was, in regards to his present celebrity recognition, a nobody before Rocky came out in 1976. Prior to that, he had pretty much no experience as a Hollywood actor, let alone a star. After moving to California, Stallone was hardpressed to get an opportunity in a Hollywood production.

He didn’t have a vehicle. His financial situation was summed up in just a little over a hundred bucks in the bank. So Stallone was pretty much living the life of a 30-year-old college student trying to realize his dreams of acting. He turned to scriptwriting, and he was good at it. In three days’ time, he had written a 90-page script. This was the story of Rocky Balboa, the “Italian Stallion.”

Rocky III. (Sylvester Stallone and Mr. T. Source:

Heavily inspired by Stallone’s own tough times, the tale was one about a boxer who was struggling to pay the rent while simultaneously trying to realize his dreams. (Sounds familiar right?) Balboa, like any real human being, also searches for human companionship, eventually finding a girlfriend. Then he suddenly gets an amazing chance to achieve his dreams in his boxing career. The rest is cinematic history. This is what Stallone was trying to sell.

After a drawn-out rigamarole with potential buyers over Stallone’s stipulation that he star in the film himself, the script was finally purchased for $20,000. And Stallone the Stallion starred as Rocky, putting all of his heart into the story and the acting.

The first film really showed the everyday life of Rocky Balboa with all its tragedies and downers. Because of this strong connection, it is nearly impossible to recast Rocky with the same level of emotion as Sylvester Stallone’s portrayal.

It will forever be an authentic depiction of the struggles of real life. And this message comes through, I believe, because of Stallone’s attachment and investment in a character whose life experience is so much like his own. Rocky took home three Oscars. Stallone went from struggling to survive to walking in the Hollywood spotlights.

Say Goodbye to Rocky

The Rocky Franchise. Source: USA Today FTW.

Rocky has remained one of Sylvester Stallone’s most popular film roles. Yet, after appearing in over half a dozen movies which make up the saga, he is ready to throw in the towel, leaving the boxing ring as a champion.

We are already prepping for the loss of Captain America in the MCU saga. Now we hear Rocky’s going to be leaving our screens too. Our classic heroes are starting to retire. Rocky has kind of been a Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson of generations past. He was a fighter striving to persevere through hardship after hardship and being a great, musclebound man all the while.

In a behind-the-scenes type of video and again on Twitter, Stallone mentioned that Creed II is likely to be his last appearance as Rocky Balboa. This news has led to concerns and doubts both among fans and filmmakers. Sooner or later this was going to happen. We’re still sorry to see Stallone’s Rocky go.

The franchise has contributed greatly to pop culture through introducing us to such classic songs as “Gonna Fly Now” and “Eye of the Tiger.”But ultimately, it has been the figure of strength, patriotism, and following one’s dreams that makes Rocky (and Sylvester Stallone) who he is.

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