The first Dumbo trailer has finally been released, and it’s not as creepy as many people originally believed.

Disney’s remaking another one of their old animated movies into a new live-action film. (Surprise! This is what happens when you run out of fresh plot concepts!) It’s Dumbo!  Again!

Tim Burton Meets Dumbo

It’s been known that Tim Burton was to direct the live-action remake of Dumbo for some time. Burton has a reputation for producing bizarre films, many of which could be labeled as horror or noir. He’s the director behind Corpse Bride (2005) and Frankenweenie (2012), and the producer behind movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012).

So Burton has been working on slightly creepy entertainment for a while. Dumbo is also not his first live-action remake of an animated Disney classic. He also directed the 2010 live-action Alice in Wonderland. That also seems to be a knack Tim Burton has acquired: remaking old movies that should’ve been left alone.

The Trailer and What Can Be Expected

Creepy Dumbo Production Photo. Source: GeekTyrant.

When the first production photo for the new Dumbo was released months ago, many people were saying how the live-action Dumbo character looked like something from a nightmare. However, the trailer does not provide any more fuel for that fire. There’s nothing creepy about it.

It introduces us to the circus and the main characters who will be interacting with Dumbo the baby elephant. Like many stories involving circus performers, this one already eludes to the performers calling each other “family.” This isn’t a bad notion. It just seems to have been included in a lot of circus-related stories.

Like the original 1941 Dumbo, this updated version promises to give us an endearing story about finding courage and acceptance. Both of these are things which are immensely relatable for all people. And this is what makes the story a heartwarming one. The choreography looks spectacular, and Burton seems to like dancing performers in many of his productions.

At the climax of the trailer, close to its end, we get a glimpse of what Dumbo can do with those big ears of his. Tim Burton’s Dumbo resembles a mashup between The Greatest Showman and Tarzan. It looks like the makings of a successful remake.

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