Scarlet Witch TV series
Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch. Credit: Disney

Wanda Maximoff, aka The Scarlet Witch, is set to get her own series on Disney’s new streaming service, but what will it be about?

Marvel fans have been excited recently with the news that some popular MCU supporting characters are getting their own TV series on Disney’s new streaming service.

One of the lucky characters said to be getting a TV series is The Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff. Naturally, this news has been followed by speculation of what such a series may be about.

Here are a few possibilities.

1. A Psychological Drama

Scarlet Witch TV series
The Scarlet Witch has a history of mental instability. Credit: Disney

Wanda Maximoff is a character with a complicated history. In the comics, she has been both hero and villain. While she more commonly swings toward the hero end of the spectrum, there have been times where ‘Anti-Hero’ would be a more appropriate title.

She has done great harm to those she calls friends. Even those she loves. Yet the character is rarely shown in an entirely unsympathetic light.


Well, increased or prolonged use of the Scarlet Witch’s reality warping powers sometimes has an adverse affect on her mental state. Villains have been known to take advantage of this weakness. Meaning, it is rare that Wanda Maximoff’s less noble acts are entirely her fault.

This downside to the character’s powers hasn’t been explored much in the MCU, probably due to time constraints. However, Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda, has often expressed a desire to explore the psychological impact of the character’s powers further.

The Scarlet Witch TV series could be a perfect opportunity to do this. To give fans a chance to see what is going on with Wanda beneath the service. See the downside of her powers, and what the use of them may be doing to her.

This way, if the character does suffer one of her psychotic breaks in a future film, it won’t come out of left field for those who haven’t read the comics.

2. A Quest to Restore Balance

Scarlet Witch TV series
The Scarlet Witch embarks on a solo adventure. Credit: Marvel Comics.

In her 2015 solo comic, the Scarlet Witch embarks on a quest of discovery and, she hopes, redemption. The earth’s magic is out of balance, and she wants to know why.

In the course of this adventure, Wanda briefly encounters her long-dead Mother, Natalya Maximoff. She also gets her very own arch-enemy: The Emerald Warlock.

The magical aspect of Scarlet Witch’s powers has not been explored yet in the MCU, but thanks to characters like Thor and Doctor Strange, we know magic does exist.

Otherwise, the magical angle could be easily reworked into a general imbalance/wrongness on earth following Infinity War’s snapture and its likely reversal.

Wanda Maximoff has sought redemption for her early misdeeds in Age of Ultron, and for later causing the accidental death of many innocent people in Civil War. 

Take an adventure like the one in the above comic, throw in a side of redemption story, and of course a good villain… and there you have it: a Scarlet Witch series to draw in viewers, and get them invested in the character.

3. The Truth About her Powers

Scarlet Witch TV series
Couple’s road trip, anyone? Credit: Disney

A recently released Marvel Visual Dictionary has hinted that Wanda’s powers may not come from the Mind Stone alone. This is most likely just a retcon intended to ease the eventual introduction of the X-Men.

However, it could also be a perfect jumping off point for a Scarlet Witch TV series. Such a discovery could set Wanda off on a quest for the truth about her powers. Maybe Wanda’s love interest, Vision, could join her on the trip.

Then you have a vehicle to give two characters with a rich history some much needed development and screen time.

The series is only in early development, so we won’t get any solid information on it for quite some time.

Before then, we will hopefully see the resurrection of the Scarlet Witch in Avengers 4 next year.

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